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5 Reasons Why HVAC Businesses Need Mobile Software For Field Technicians

In the HVAC industry, field service management is about organizing and managing your field technicians so that services satisfy your customers. To do that, you require a proper field service app so businesses can keep a tab on their customers from the beginning to the end of their relationship. Businesses that rate high on the customer satisfaction level can increase their revenue margins by 30%.

With a constantly changing database of field technicians, it’s challenging to find ways to manage them. Issues like timely delivery of service, job status and accurate sales statistics keep emerging, making management a tedious task for every HVAC business. In the present scenario where companies are taking the help of tools to elevate their working styles. HVAC software is not left far behind.

5 features of HVAC software that help field technicians

The HVAC industry is an up-and-coming industry that sees innumerable operations during the day. The need of the hour is for a system that simplifies work and upgrades its quality. Developers have therefore built HVAC software that meets business objectives and is a convenient option for field technicians on the go. The following features make it a must-have tool in your HVAC business.

1.   Routing and location tracking

HVAC businesses require field technicians to run from one customer to another throughout the day, ensuring the resolvement of pending service requests. Many a time, field technicians lose time because of a different and congested route to the customer’s location. On the other hand, the backend team loses contact with the field technician during operations.

The field service app prioritizes routing and location tracking over anything else. You will always get optimized routes and never lose contact with the team at the office or the customers on the application. The added benefit, which is the most important one, is that you can ensure that your field workers are safe during their travels.

2.   Task scheduling

For field services, requests are usually scheduled manually. This step ignores the timetable of filed technicians and sometimes overlaps time slots. Such errors not only cost the company’s reputation but also make you lose out on customers. Field technicians also don’t hesitate to quit companies where time slots aren’t verified and workload is at an extreme level.

A feature-rich field service app will help minimize the workload of your staff by organizing schedules and differentiating work responsibilities. Factors like priority, location, availability, and expertise play their role before determining the solutions to certain service requests. Your team will have extra time when they’re well-planned with their job schedules for the day, week and month.

3.   Customer insights

The changing dynamic of the marketplace has made it tough for businesses to accurately predict the preferences of people. The lack of such information hinders field service companies from delivering the best customer service. This eventually leads to dissatisfied customers and revenue loss.

The field service app solves this issue by collecting customer data and regularly monitoring it to understand their behaviors. It creates an open communication channel wherein companies and customers can freely interact and voice their concerns. This leads to a solid relationship where trust isn’t broken and high-quality customer service is the benchmark.

4.   Inventory management

The HVAC industry is famous for the timely delivery of equipment. From a small nut of an air conditioner to a knob in the heating machinery, HVAC service boasts of always coming through with the minutest of equipment. But for that, businesses need to have a proper stock count to settle service requests immediately.

HVAC software enhances the method of storing data concerning inventory. It’s not a manual process anymore but an automated mechanism that is accurate at all times. You don’t need to worry about errors in inventory data and you will always have up-to-date information on the material you have in stock and which ones are clearing the shelves.

5.   Systematic reporting

Field technicians are an essential component of the entire HVAC industry. Without personnel, you will not be able to deliver services to people. With workforce management, the concern here is measuring the performance of each employee and if they’re actually delivering good services to your customers.

With the field service app, this concern takes a backseat as you have real-time data on the job status of people and their working hours. Dashboards on the app make it easier for you to check the performance of people, which also helps in determining their salaries and other job perks.

Half the battle won with HVAC software

Any system that makes work easier without compromising quality is half the battle won for companies. HVAC is one such all-in-one system that answers all your field service and employee tracking needs. It also makes servicing a seamless experience for your field technicians. When your customers are happy and field technicians happier, your business will finally take off.

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