5 Reasons Why Field Sales Teams Need Mobile Accounting Software

Mobile Accounting Software

Your field service team is an integral part of your business. They help in various tasks that increase your company’s profits. However, the department faces many challenges, like logistics and warehouse management. Solving the issues will require you to buy the best  mobile accounting software. Your field sales team will enjoy a reliant mobile accounting software which is beneficial in many ways.

Here are the five reasons your field sales teams need mobile accounting software for Sage 100. 

1. Better inventory control

Inventory management is a pressing concern for many field sales teams. But if you use a mobile accounting software, you can track the inventory in real-time and generate purchase orders and reports regarding the inventory. Your team will be able to post transactions immediately via their mobile devices to ensure stock data is always up to date. You’ll benefit from automatic pricing and tracking on-hand quantities, stock counts, and orders.

2. To automate processes 

A mobile accounting software will seamlessly automate your field sales operations. Doing this will boost your business productivity and lower administration costs. Your field sales team’s intervention will be unnecessary, making it a labor-saving technique. Also, automating will help reduce errors when a human operator carries out the operations. 

3. Better location tracking 

Location tracking is essential, especially when dealing with field sales. You’ll want to know the team’s location to help schedule or dispatch them. Mobile accounting software makes locating tracking easy as it automatically tracks travel and transactions. You’ll get map-based reports showing where the salesperson traveled and their profits. 

4. For effective invoicing 

Invoicing is an essential accounting task in field sales. The job must be accurate and include all the information to allow flawless payment. A mobile accounting software will do invoicing tasks without errors. Your team can fill in the news and send the invoice to the appropriate channels for processing. 

5. To improve management reporting 

Your field sales team must keep the internal stakeholders informed about their activities. The reports need to be accurate, detailed, and sent on time to the relevant departments. If you invest in mobile accounting software for Sage 100, management reporting will improve, and you can make informed decisions. 

Things to consider when choosing mobile accounting software for your field sales team.

  • Accessibility: You’ll need mobile accounting software that allows your team to access information anytime. Ensure it is compatible with mobile devices to enable optimal accessibility.
  • Affordability: You’ll need to consider the cost of the software to avoid a financial crisis. Choose a mobile accounting software that has your desired features and is within your budget. 
  • User-friendliness: The best practice is to choose a user-friendly to allow quick integration into your business model. Ensure the software is well-organized, intuitive, and has excellent support services. 
  • Security: A secure mobile accounting software will secure your and your client’s information. So look for software that is transparent and serious about security by checking their security measures.
  • Features: A mobile accounting software for your field sales team needs all the elements to help them carry out various operations. You can request and compare the features to ascertain that you’re picking the best one.


As discussed above, mobile accounting software for Sage 100 is a must-have tool for your field sales team. It offers various benefits, from better inventory control and management reporting to automating field processes. However, ensure you pick the best one from a reputable provider.

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