5 Reasons Why Aviator Is The Next Best Game In Online Gaming

Aviator appeared in 2020 and immediately became very popular among players who love to earn money without leaving their homes. The essence of the project is quite simple: every round, an airplane takes off, which carries a coefficient of x1. The higher the air vehicle rises, the more the coefficient will increase. However, at some point, the plane flies off the screen, and with it the bet money.

A bit of history

The game has been very popular in the gaming community for several years now. Spribe employees did their best. They were able to create a video slot that surpassed another well-known video game with the same principle – Crash. Users positively met Samoletiki. The video game instantly hit the tops. For several years, the popularity of the project has not decreased. Now the game has even more fans. Gamers have realized that the game not only allows you to receive solid payouts, but it is also a great opportunity to relax and have a good time. In the modern world, there are not so many ways to relax.

Popular game

Every day, thousands of players from all over the world enter the gambling halls to enjoy the amazing game called Aviator. There are about 10 thousand different video games on the portal, but Airplanes are very popular today.

The site offers the opportunity to try classic slots and modern 3D video slots. Each game has different mechanics and in-game bonuses, as well as a story and characters. You can sort games by category, title type, popular and top games. However, let’s talk more about the Airplanes game, because quite recently nothing was known about this game, but a few years ago, users noticed the game and began to actively play it. Why should you play Aviator on

5 reasons to play Airplanes

Solid jackpot. Players are attracted by solid payouts. If there is an opportunity to break a large jackpot, then gamers are ready to take a chance. This is a great opportunity to test your luck.

Maximum ratio. It is x200. A rare project is ready to boast such a huge coefficient. This is one of the most important reasons why users are attracted to the game.

The simplest mechanics and user-friendly interface. Spribe employees did not complicate the interface. This means that any beginner who has never tried this kind of game will understand the game. Thanks to the one-button control, it will be quite easy to figure everything out.


Online chat. The ability to turn to other players for help at any time (you don’t even have to close the game). During the game, users can find a live chat where they can always ask other players a question. Thanks to this opportunity, the Aviator turns from a game into a small community where gamers support each other. The social aspect is very important, because many players play games because of it.

Leaderboard. The competitive aspect plays an important role in many games. I want to get ahead of my rivals, being at the top. Thanks to the leaderboard, the excitement is kindled between the players.

Rules of the game

You need to figure out how to play in this project. It should be noted that Samoletikov has a common office and a single broadcast for all participants. To make or change a bet, you need to use a special panel, which is located on the playing field. Understanding the mechanics and controls is not difficult

As soon as the round begins, the plane takes off into the air. Now it carries a factor of x1, but this will change in the future. The higher the plane takes off, the higher the coefficient will be. However, one should not hesitate, because over time the aircraft will fly off the screen, because of which the user will lose all his bet money.

To become a winner in this game, you need to press the “stop” button in time. Stopping the airplane before leaving the game screen will allow you to get a solid win. The further the plane flew, the more the user will receive. The odds are calculated by a random number generator. You never know when the corncob will stop.


One-button control makes it easy to start playing even for a beginner who has never tried games of this kind. 1win aviator is very popular today.

Of course, there are many reasons why users like the Aviator project. We have analyzed the main reasons, but users find other reasons to enjoy the project. Only the experience of playing Aviator will help you understand how to play correctly. The popularity of the game does not decrease. You can always try the demo mode if you are not ready to play for money.

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