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5 Reasons Video Content Marketing is Important in 2023

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The increase in the popularity of YouTube and the introduction of Reels and videos on Instagram makes it obvious proof that video content is hot in the market now. This is not really surprising, as people are more intrigued by visual content than written content. Here are a few compelling reasons why video content marketing is essential in 2023.

1. Video Grabs Viewer Attention:

Whenever you scroll through the Internet. The content type that grabs viewers’ interest the most is video content. This is because our eyes are attracted to moments, and videos can quickly draw your attention toward them. As people’s attention span is increasingly shrinking, making good-quality video content to hold people’s attention has become very important.

2. Video Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website:

Videos have become a very powerful content type that can boost your site’s SEO. Brands are inclining towards using more and more video content to top the search results page. Video content can help you divert traffic to your website and generate leads. In fact, search engines are also nowadays taking videos more seriously and ranking them higher. Also, the rate at which videos are shared is much higher than the written content. This helps create inbound links, a significant SEO factor in increasing your ranking.

3. Video is Best for Brand Recall:

When we read a piece of information from a site, it becomes tough to remember unless we read it multiple times, but that is not the case when you watch videos. Video contents are much easier to remember. In fact, studies have revealed that viewers can retain up to 95% of the messages from video content. Videos are more memorable because it plays like storytelling. As a Content Marketer, you can produce video content with short messages to engage the audience. Creating video content is an effective way to convey your message with a lasting impression on your audience. Overall, it improves your brand recall.

4. Video is Easy to Create:

Reading this may confuse you because video content creation is challenging and consumes time. But as we live in a technology age, creating video content has become much more manageable. You need not depend on expensive high-end video equipment; a good smartphone is enough to shoot a video. 

Similarly, video editing is not a big issue nowadays with so many editing software available which are pretty easy to use. 

On top of that, artificial intelligence has made it much easier to create videos by repurposing your old content. DeepBrain AI allows you to create videos by making use of text. Their text-to-video feature just takes about 5 minutes to create video content. You can quickly create video content, eliminating the entire production and editing process. Further, creating a video with the help of an AI video generator is not bad for SEO if you use the right platform. DeepBrain AI lets you use AI Humans and AI Avatar in the video, making it realistic and interactive. AI Avatars are available for different ethnicities and can use multiple languages for video content.

5. Videos Add a Personalized Touch:

Goes without saying that video contents are more personal than text content. This makes it much more relatable to the audience. It helps the content stand out and creates a deeper emotional connection with the viewers. 

In Conclusion:

Video content can beat text content any day. Hence, businesses must focus on creating good quality video content and increasing its volume. Using artificial intelligence to aid in creating good-quality videos is the only way to keep up in this fast-growing market. 

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