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5 Reasons Truck Maintenance Matters

Obviously, the more faithful you are about maintenance, the longer your truck will last. This is no small thing; trucks are expensive and it only makes sense to care for them in a way that maximizes their useful life. But longevity is far from the only benefit that comes as a result of diligent truck maintenance. Here are 5 more reasons for keeping your truck in good shape. 

Save Money

Truck maintenance saves money. An ounce of prevention is clearly worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping your work truck on the road. Poorly inflated tires blowout, dirty trucks get rusty, dead batteries slow you down, and empty windshield wiper fluid reservoirs result in low visibility and higher risk of accidents. Spending a bit of time every week checking on these and other details prevents costly repairs down the road. 

Prevent Downtime

A truck that isn’t running is also usually a driver that isn’t working. The impact of this varies depending on the size of your fleet, but if you’re a one truck show, a truck in the shop brings business to a screeching halt. Keeping tools and equipment organized, clean, and stored safely in full size truck toolboxes and other similar storage solutions prevents damage to both the equipment and your truck and helps drivers avoid wasting time searching for what they need while on the job. 

Improve Safety

Properly maintained work trucks are less likely to suffer mechanical issues or have accidents. Doing the regular work to keep tires inflated, batteries running, headlights shining, and engines humming keeps drivers safe when out on the road. 

Encourage Driver Retention

Trucks that don’t work right frustrate drivers and perpetually frustrated drivers will look elsewhere for work. Take care of your drivers by taking care of the trucks they drive. 

Enhance Your Reputation

Brand image matters. A great looking, well-maintained work truck makes a positive first impression about your business everywhere it goes. You can even post photos of it on social media or other platforms to help build your brand. You can’t do that with a ragged old truck. 

The Bottom Line

Truck maintenance matters and it matters for a lot of reasons. Take the time to establish a regular maintenance routine to keep your work truck in tip top shape. Your business and your bottom line will reap the rewards.

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