5 Reasons to Use Video Surveillance for Your Business

video surveillance

It is no surprise that businesses lose a great deal of money each and every year to such things as theft, fraudulent lawsuits, unproductive employees, and a whole host of other issues that could be avoided with the right video surveillance system. If you do not have video surveillance in your place of business, here are just five reasons why this is an investment you can’t afford to make.

1. Theft Prevention

As mentioned above, theft is an ongoing problem in literally every country around the globe. In fact, it isn’t always consumers responsible for theft as it has been estimated that as many as 64% of small businesses across the pond fall prey to employee theft. With an intelligent video analytics surveillance platform found on a site like, patterns can be documented so that steps can be taken to prevent theft in areas where it’s most likely to occur.

2. Increase in Overall Safety

Having strategically placed video surveillance cameras placed inside and outside your place of business can add layers of safety, especially after dark. Infrared cameras can take clear photos of anyone seeking to do damage to employees, customers, or their vehicles. The right surveillance system will also collect data to ascertain patterns to be avoided. It could be blind spots in outdoor parking area lighting, and it could be areas where customer traffic is heavy enough to mask theft in the making. This type of system assures customers and employees alike that they will have safer access to their vehicles.

3. Perceived Safety for Customers

One thing you will want to do when installing a state-of-the-art security system is to ensure that many of your cameras outside are highly visible. This will work to discourage issues in the parking areas. Snatch and grab has become a huge issue whereby criminals watch single ladies, older shoppers, and those who simply aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. They run by, grab the lady’s handbag, and are off before the victim knew what hit them. Visible cameras tend to warn these kinds of criminals off, so do keep them as visible as possible. Those cameras will also function as ‘perceived safety.’ Customers are more likely to shop, even after dark, if they think you have security cameras trained on them.

4. Employee Productivity

Also, if employees know that they are being ‘followed’ by security surveillance, they are less likely to stand around doing nothing but chatting with fellow employees, or on their mobile devices. You would be surprised at just how many employees chat and message on their mobile devices, even if it is against company rules.

5. Helps to Avoid Legal Claims

Then there are always going to be those people who are not hurt in a slip and fall but will try to make a claim for compensation. The right security system will have a video trained on them so there is no way they could win a fraudulent claim like that.

Whether you are looking to prevent employee theft or are just trying to monitor your place of business 24/7, the best solution would be a hi-tech video analytics surveillance system. It’s smart technology you can count on.

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