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5 Reasons to Invest in Mechanical Keyboards

Are you addicted to playing games? Most computer keyboards have three rows of letters, one or two rows of numbers, and a wide variety of punctuation and function keys. However, despite their appearance, keyboards can vary significantly in terms of how they operate on the inside. Mostly there are two types of keyboards; membrane and mechanical keyboards.

If you are a professional gamer, you should be using mechanical keyboards. And you can easily buy a variety of mechanical keyboards from a trustworthy source like Whatgeek mechanical keyboard.

Difference between Membrane and Mechanical keyboard

The more common type, membrane keyboards, have a rubber dome under each key. When you press a key, the rubber compresses, and the key makes an electrical connection with the wires of the keyboard. Membrane keyboards tend to feel “mushy” because they apply pressure to a rubber dome, and there is no distinct click of a switch being triggered. You are more likely to make mistakes when you type quickly on a membrane keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are distinct in that, instead of rubber, they have a plastic switch under the key that allows the connection to be made. This may not seem like much of a difference, but the key style significantly impacts how you type.

How does a mechanical keyboard work?

Mechanical keyboards have a very different feel than membrane keyboards because the keys activate a spring-loaded switch, and when pressed, you will feel or hear a distinct click. This means you’ll always know when a key is pressed, there will be no second-guessing whether or not a press was successful.

Even so, not all mechanical keyboards are created equal. Mechanical keyboard switches are generally classified as either tactile or linear. A linear switch must be pressed down to activate, whereas tactile switches activate about halfway down, which means they start faster and with less typing effort. Mechanical keyboards allow you to type faster because you can feel and hear the typed operation.

Five reasons to Buy Mechanical keyboards

Many deals are available when Christmas arrives; There are many Christmas Keyboard Deals websites like Whatgeek. You can buy different types of mechanical keyboards from this trustworthy website. Here are the five reasons to buy mechanical keyboards

  1. Material and Keycaps

Keycaps that are inexpensive are either laser-engraved or printed. Both methods are subject to wear and tear. The letters on frequently used keys can and will fade over time. Double-shot moulded keycaps are what you need. The lettering on the keycaps is a separate plastic in a different color that is directly moulded into the key using this technique. Such keys’ lettering will never fade.

  1. Increases Your Typing Speed

Yes, after you’ve gotten used to it, despite your fingers traveling further on each keypress compared to a laptop keyboard. Your typing speed will be increased from around 95 wpm to a high of 125 wpm.

  1. Utmost Accuracy

You will certainly be more accurate than using a flat chiclet or rubber-dome keyboard. The additional response will help you develop muscle memory. The high-profile keys with deeper travel and moulded tops that welcome your fingers are easier to hit even if you lift your fingers slightly higher than on a flat keyboard.

  1. The Ultimate Key-Feel

Key feel is and always will be a confusing concept. Still, it generally refers to characteristics like the speed with which a key returns to its normal position and the resistance a key provides your fingers. Rubber-dome keyboards are frequently described as “mushy” because the resistance isn’t linear, and the individual keys wobble on the rubber domes beneath them. Mechanical keys typically return to their original positions faster than rubber-dome keys. You can enjoy such an experience with whatgeek mechanical keyboard.

  1. Exceptional Durability

The design of mechanical keyboards determines their durability. The switches are entirely made of metal, and most use a metal-on-metal contact. As a result, mechanical keyboards can withstand 50 million key presses, whereas a typical rubber-dome keyboard can only withstand 10 million. Furthermore, the rubber in a rubber-dome keyboard frequently degrades over time, leading to sticky keys, collapsed domes, and other problems.

To Sum Up,

Mechanical keyboards are more reliable and comfortable than membrane keyboards. Go grab the amazing keyboards today!

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