5 Reasons to Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication in Your Organization

In the modern time of ever-evolving technology cybercriminals also become more inventive and therefore more dangerous. Having a protection system in place is no longer an option, it is a necessity. And even when you do have it, it is still not guaranteed that you are 100% safe. As the crimes get more intricate, the companies nowadays should also step up to be able to safeguard themselves from cyber threats. One of the methods that allow achieving that is multi-factor authentication. Here are 5 reasons why you need to adopt it in your organization. 

1. It is simple

If you think about it, multi-factor authentication is not new at all. Most of the employees working in your company are already familiar with it. Many popular social media platforms and banking apps introduced it a while ago. So when you introduce this method, it will not be hard for people to get used to it.

Additionally, the login process can be easier too. One of the multi-factor authentication options is a single sign-on. You just need to log in once, and you will be able to access all the apps right away without signing in to each one of them.

2. It enhances security

Let’s imagine you’re looking for antivirus software, and you select one of the top-rated options on Now, you might feel safe and secure, but the reality is that it does not guarantee your protection. Even the best systems have vulnerabilities and can be exploited. Sooner or later, someone figures out how to crack it and might share this information with others. 

That is why it is so important to have additional user-authentication. MFA usually includes different factors, such as a trusted device or biometrics,  and thus enhances the company security.

3. Password alone is not enough

Previously, having a password as a protection method against unauthorized access was considered sufficient. However, recent data breaches showed that that is not the case anymore. Most users have weak passwords that are either easy to guess or to hack. Password theft is one of the most common types of a cyber attack. It takes seconds for hackers to find out what your password is and be able to access the protected area. Additionally, the use of keyloggers and phishing attacks makes it even easier. 

4. You can set up location permissions/restrictions

Having multi-factor authentication can also increase productivity. This option allows your company employees to be able to work from any location on their own devices. They only need to successfully verify their identity and they will be able to access the system.

At the same time, it is possible to restrict access based on the user’s location, if you need to, so that when a potential hacker tries to log in from a remote location, he will not be able to.  

5. It notifies you about attempted break-ins 

Another perk of using MFA is immediate alerts. When a hacker obtains a user’s password and logs in with it, they can go unnoticed for some time and do a lot of damage. On the other hand, with multi-factor authentication, if someone tries to break-in, you will be informed about it right away.

In conclusion

If you haven’t implemented the multi-factor authentication method yet, you really need to. Your company will only benefit from it. Not only will it simplify the processes and be a soft transition for your employees, but it will add extra layers of protection and save you a lot of money and headache. 

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