5 Reasons Packaging Matters in a Digital World

Digital shopping is quickly becoming the preferred method for acquiring goods. While it may seem like product packaging is less of an issue, the volume of deliveries makes custom shipping boxes more critical now than ever before. Custom packaging offers you opportunities to connect with your customers without sacrificing the convenience of shopping online. Here are a few ways to use custom boxes to make your business stand out from the digital retail competition!

#1. Tactile Experience

Shopping via the internet isn’t the same as heading to the store. When customers browse through aisles of merchandise, they can touch fabric and feel the heft of the things they are shopping for. Without that tactile interaction, digital commerce doesn’t have the same impact. Featuring custom shipping boxes with your deliveries can change that perception entirely.


A custom-printed box shows your customers that you’ve thought of every aspect of the buying experience. Instead of showing up in a plain post office cardboard container, your shipping boxes turn the package’s arrival into an event. Add tissue paper or recyclable packing peanuts so shoppers can enjoy digging through the protective additives. Printed boxes transform a typical, bland package into a present waiting on your customers’ doorsteps!

#2. Digital Marketing

One great aspect of having your own custom shipping boxes is how you can incorporate something as simple as cardboard containers as an integral part of your marketing campaign. You can increase your business’s reach by using QR codes on your packaging. These smart-phone readable boxes of dots can help your customers in several ways, such as:


  • Direct link to websites
  • Connection to warranty information
  • Creates email links
  • Initiates app download
  • Share your social media pages/posts


It’s not just QR codes that can be printed directly onto your mailers. Because you have the opportunity to design your own packaging, you can incorporate sales notices, special deals, and even coupons onto the packing surface.

#3. Customer Appreciation

The digital marketplace doesn’t leave a lot of room for thank yous. While you can interact with your clients on your website by answering emails or responding to reviews, you don’t have much face-to-face time to let your customers know how much they mean to your business. Without clients, your company wouldn’t be able to operate, and letting them know how they are key to your survival will help to create repeat business, brand loyalty, and trust.


Using mailers and custom-printed boxes lets you show customers that your goal is to improve their experience. Custom packaging illustrates the level of thought that goes into your product, pointing out to buyers that your company is always putting their experience first. You can even include thank you notes with your packages, either printed on the exterior or included as a note within. This will really illustrate that your company puts customers first.

#4. Brand Image

If your product appears in a beat-up, plain cardboard box at a customer’s door, it will not look good for your brand. Custom shipping boxes give your marketing and design teams leeway to really promote your branding. Chances are, your advertising department has already made an effort to build your brand’s image. Transferring some of that effort onto your shipping containers will help solidify that branding in your customer’s eyes.


Coinciding colors and fonts work to build cohesiveness across your company and brand. Including your logo and any slogans will also help identify the package coming from your business. A brightly colored package with a highly visible logo will also act as advertising as it sits on a customer’s porch waiting to be brought inside. Depending on the materials used, can also promote your business as environmentally conscious simultaneously!

#5. The Unboxing

The unboxing video is one of the hottest new Tik Tok and YouTube trends. You can leverage this popularity in different ways, getting your products in front of a whole new audience. Creating an experience around opening your packages does shopping with your brand more of an event than a simple chore. You can avoid looking wasteful by using recyclable materials as well.


To promote unboxing videos, you can have your own staff present videos themselves or work with an influencer to do the major work for you. Find someone who already has an established viewer base in the field your product is in. By joining forces, more eyes get on your merchandise and additional viewers are brought to the channel. Custom shipping boxes will make the experience that much more enjoyable to watch!

Why Use Custom Shipping Boxes?

While it seems counterintuitive in the digital age, the physical aspect of shopping is integral to customer satisfaction. With plain brown shippers, companies miss a critical touchpoint of marketing. Exciting boxes beat out bland packaging any day and having great custom shipping boxes can help you make a great first impression or continue the quality that your dedicated customers have come to expect.

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