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5 Reasons a Tech Recruiter Might Reject Your Resume

Tech Recruiter Might Reject Your Resume

Breaking into the tech industry can be difficult, and you may be inadvertently doing things that cause tech recruiters to automatically reject your resume. This guide will cover five potential reasons for rejection and how to avoid them. Of course, a strong application starts with a polished, professional resume. If you don’t already have a powerful resume, consider using a resume maker to help jumpstart your job hunt.

1) Your Application Isn’t Complete or Tailored to the Job

If your application isn’t complete or it contains errors, a recruiter may automatically reject it. Or, your application might not even make it through automated ATS (applicant tracking system) scans. Additionally, if you don’t take the time to tailor your resume and other application materials to the job that you are applying for, it might be automatically rejected by the ATS or by a recruiter.

When filling out job applications, be sure to enter something in every applicable field—don’t skip over any questions just because you don’t feel like answering them. And, ensure that your resume is tailored to the position. Mention the company and the role by name, identify keywords in the job posting that describe what the company is looking for, and use those same keywords in your resume and other application documents.

2) You Apply Late

The earlier you apply to a job opening, the better your chances of getting hired. Recruiters are often incentivized to fill positions quickly, and applying soon after a job is posted shows that you are motivated and excited about the position. Check job boards as often as you can and apply right away when you find a position that you think is a good fit.

3) Your Salary Requirement is Outside Their Budgeted Range

If you aren’t required to enter a desired salary, save this conversation for later in the hiring process. However, if you must put in a number, do your research to ensure that you are making a reasonable request. Recruiters might automatically reject your application if they see a sky-high salary requirement, but they might reject very low bids as well. Research the company and look for a general salary range for the job title that you are applying for, taking into account the location of the position as well.

4) You Aren’t Able to Start Working Reasonably Soon

Again, recruiters want to fill roles quickly. So, if you aren’t available to start either immediately or after a notice period of two to four weeks with your current employer, recruiters may think that you really aren’t that motivated to win the position. Or, they simply may not be able to wait that long to get the position filled. Only apply to a role if you are able to actually start working within a few weeks.

5) Your Qualifications Don’t Fit the Role

Finally, if you are either under-qualified or overqualified for a role, a recruiter might immediately skip over your application. This is why it’s important to tailor your application to the position, as that allows you to clearly lay out your qualifications and show how they match up to what the employer is looking for. 

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