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5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Car Accident Attorney

In many situations, you’ll be fine after a car crash. You deal with a bit of car damage and get help from your insurance company. Unfortunately, things aren’t always this easy.

Reports show that two million people suffer permanent injuries yearly because of car crashes. If you’re in this situation and can’t get help, you need help from an expert.

Finding the right car accident attorney means asking the right questions. Below are five questions to ask when hiring a lawyer.

1. Do You Specialize in Car Accidents?

Finding a specialist is critical when you hire an attorney. With so many law fields, finding a general lawyer who’s an expert at everything is hard. Even if they can handle general accident cases, they may not understand the little details that matter for winning.

That’s why you should find a specialist who focuses on accident cases. Ask your lawyer if they specialize in car accident law and their success rate for these cases.

2. How Do You Charge?

There are many legal cases where hiring a lawyer hourly or for a specific service makes sense. You know precisely what you need, so you know how much you’ll pay.

The same isn’t always true with accident cases. Many accident claims are complex, which means you may work with your lawyer for a while. You may not have the money for that.

See if you can find someone that charges on a contingency. This means you can get legal services and not pay unless your attorney wins.

3. Will You Handle My Case?

It’s important to determine who will handle your case before you with a law firm. Some legal practices employ multiple lawyers and use the top ones for interviewing clients. Once they sign a new client, the case gets sent to a firm associate.

It’s okay if a law firm does this, but it’s something you want to learn before you sign anything. See if you can interview the car accident lawyer handling the case to vet them too.

4. Will You Go to Trial?

Although most accident cases will never see the courtroom, that isn’t the same for all situations. Whether an insurance company thinks they’ll save money by not paying or you’re dealing with another person, you may need to go in front of a judge.

You need an attorney that’s willing to go all the way. Ask if a lawyer has been in court before and their willingness to go there if needed.

5. Do You Have References?

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find professional help. You can never be sure when speaking with an expert. People will embellish their skills to make a sale.

That’s why speaking with previous clients helps so much. Ask if an attorney can provide references that vouch for their ability.

Research Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

An experienced car accident attorney can be the difference between losing your accident case and winning. That means you can’t afford to cut corners when hiring an attorney.

Luckily, there are a few questions you can ask to learn more about your attorney options and their abilities. Ask the questions above to vet the lawyers you interview.

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