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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Node.JS Developer

Choosing a Node.JS Developer

Node.JS is a JavaScript framework that offers an open-source execution environment for developing high-performance and scalable applications. Due to its solid technological stack, scalable technology, high-end flexibility, and ease of use, Node.JS development has exploded significantly in recent years.

In addition, this JavaScript runtime environment boosts application performance by almost 1.5X while lowering development expenses by close to 60%. Large corporations desire more efficiency and the most up-to-date features, which may save millions of dollars. Thankfully, Node.JS combines the best of both worlds: “futuristic” capabilities and shorter development times.

Skills required for Node.JS Developer

  1. Experience in NodeJS Development – People contribute year after year to developing the features and functionality of Node.JS, which is an open-source platform. As a result, a variety of tools and frameworks are accessible. To contribute to bug fixes and patches, the developer must have knowledge and skill in popular tools, frameworks, and IDEs. Having working experience in a Node.JS development company also helps.
  2. Knowledge of front-end and back-end development – A developer who understands how end-users perceive the product is highly preferred. The developer will be able to construct more immersive interfaces with this knowledge. The developer should also have the ability to understand how the user interacts with the application for front-end development and should ensure the speed and quality of the application from the back-end.
  3. Proficiency in building APIs (Application Programming Interface) – APIs ensure that your application is scalable for more users to be onboarded. API’s job is to send and receive data from a database or a microservice. A proficient Node.JS developer is able to decipher API codes that may be utilized to run different applications. This allows companies to smoothly combine numerous platforms.
  4. Skills in JavaScript Language and Node Framework – JavaScript is the programming language that is used for development in Node.JS. It is a pre-requisite for any developer in Node.JS. If the developer has worked with a range of Node.JS frameworks, they will be able to utilize what they’ve learned to improve the framework’s functionality and capabilities.

Cost of Hiring a Node.JS Developer

When looking to employ a Node.JS developer for web application development, this is a vital question to ask. Knowing how much it costs to hire a Node.JS developer can help you keep on budget without sacrificing the quality of your web application. According to popular job search websites, a Node.JS developer’s annual compensation in the United States might range between $78K and $116K. Expert top-level senior developers with 5+ years of expertise might earn up to $200K per year.

Various Types of Developers in Node.JS

  1.   Native Node.JS application development services to create scalable, high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps.
  2.   Developing corporate web applications solutions for large-scale businesses that are dependable, secure, and scalable.
  3.   Integration and migration to Node.js to get the most out of the platform.
  4.   Expert Node.JS advice on all aspects of development, deployment, customization, and more.
  5.   Support and maintenance for Node.JS that is dependable.

Software Testing and DevOps Knowledge

The ability to create these kinds of apps demonstrates that the development team has a thorough understanding of the technology. Make sure the Node.JS developer you employ is DevOps certified. They will be better equipped to handle load balancing and scaling the app across various databases and servers if they have experience with DevOps and Node.JS deployment. Just building the app is one aspect but another very important aspect is the ability to scale the app to handle more users at the same time.

Fundamental understanding of Software Development Principles

The pre-requisite to knowing application development technologies is having in-depth competencies. Experience with Agile and Scrum designs, as well as GitHub code skills and knowledge of integration testing concepts is preferred for developers. Whether the developer is an expert with complex coding schemes will help you determine if the developer is the ideal fit for your Node.JS development needs.

Node.JS development will play a huge role in your digital expansion and business services. It is one of the best frameworks in terms of scalable applications. It can lead to a huge difference in quality and dependability.

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