5 Problems with Starting a Tech Job 

The tech sector is pretty lucrative and offers exciting opportunities for job seekers. Unfortunately, starting a new job or making a transition isn’t an easy feat. There can be unexpected challenges on the way, and you may feel like you are unfit for the role. So here we briefly discuss a few problems facing potential IT professionals and how to solve them:

No Degree

Your soft skills or technical skills trump the standard credentials. A high school diploma and a tech-related degree are a bonus. But there are so many well-paying jobs you can apply to even without a degree. So, focus on what you have and demonstrate what makes you a preferred candidate. 

Course Costs

Even if you have the will and time to enroll in a suitable program, the cost may be out of budget. However, courses on Skillshare or Udemy may be cost-effective, not always personalized, but beneficial and help you with your employment prospects. Scholarships are also the way forward, or you can take up an additional job to save money and invest in relevant courses. 

Age Factor

Ageism is a real problem in the tech world. The tech sector is stereotyped as an industry restricted to the young. But the ultimate idea is, “you do you, keep upgrading your skill set, and you can get past the bias.” Present yourself as a suitable candidate to make the transition problem-free. 

You Don’t Fit In

Like ageism, bro culture is another toxic trait of the tech sector. Fortunately, the solution here is to join a diversity-focused work environment. The previously unheard now have the chance to outshine. There are people of color and women in tech. In addition, many more black-owned, women-owned, LGBT-friendly companies are emerging to welcome diversity in tech. 


Being distant from opportunities is yet another obstacle between you and your dream tech job. So, if you live in an area where learning and earning may be challenging, look for remote opportunities, pick up freelance work, learn for free online, and connect with your community to know more. That’s not all; you can consider moving to a place where possibilities are virtually endless. 

Don’t Know Where To Begin? We Can Help

Tech is one monster of a domain. So many sub-sectors and so much overwhelming stuff to see and do. If you are stuck wondering how to begin your job search, The Loop Factor is an excellent place to help streamline your efforts. Niche websites like ours help job seekers land their dream job in a few clicks.

  • Download the IT Career Marketplace App by The Loop Factor
  • Set up your profile
  • Upload your resume
  • Submit your application

Even though breaking into tech sometimes seems inconceivable, anyone can do it. Creativity, hard work, and determination are what it needs. For everything else, log into the website to find your dream job.

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