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5 Pro Tips to Choose a Cabinet Painter Near You

One of the simplest ways to give your kitchen a new and fresh look without a significant redesign is to paint your cabinets. Queer Eye star and design expert Bobby Berk “By painting cabinets, you are immediately creating a noticeable change without having to make a major investment in time and money.” Many companies of interior paintings in Calgary have come into existence. Freshly painted cabinets will completely change the look of the area, whether they are all-white, sage green with brass hardware, or with a blueish hue. This project can be a surprisingly economical DIY if you do it yourself. Custom shelving and cabinet redesigning are much easier to get.

Cabinets That Can Be Painted

With the proper preparation, most cabinets will perform well, but laminate cabinets are the exception. Only households with wood cabinets should consider this kitchen makeover because the laminate’s flat surface prevents the paint from sticking to it. Any wood (even MDF) will work, but remember to remove any shiny or stained cabinets before putting them in.

Tips for choosing a cabinet painter

The facility of kitchen cabinet painting in Calgary or near you has also become very common. Now you can redesign your cabinets efficiently either by yourself or through a reputable painter. Some of the essential tips for choosing a cabinet painter are mentioned below:

  • Communication 

The painter you will hire must be firmly in touch with you to know your taste and requirement when painting the kitchen. Make sure that they respond to your calls and text messages on time to build a strong connection at the beginning.   

  • Experience

Ask how long he has been painting the cabinets and what painting technique he uses. Make sure that he knows his profession well and has done much work in kitchen remodelling.

  • Prep work

When it comes to custom shelving and cabinet painting, prepping is a very crucial part, as your final finished look entirely depends upon it. You should ensure that their prepping technique involves degreasing, deglossing, tack clothing and priming. 

  • Method to apply paint

 A good company of cabinet refinishing in Calgary or elsewhere will always paint the base at your home at least three times by sending in a professional team. Three to seven coats of primer can be applied, and paint coats always depend upon the type of wood to be painted. The most challenging wood is oak, and doors and drawers should be spray painted to give a factory finish look. 

  • Type of paint

Good cabinet painters always use glossy paint and alkali and are corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the\[-most important of all qualities is that it has superior colour.

  • Duration of service

Most professional painters take almost one week to complete the complete painting process. However, depending on the size of your space and cabinets and your requirements, it can take more time. 

  • Warranty

Most professional cabinet painters stress following proper guidelines to take care of their cabinets and give you one year of guarantee. 


For starters, it is an excellent option to paint your kitchen cabinets through custom shelving and cabinet painters rather than buy new ones. You will therefore want a cabinet painting contractor to do the work correctly. Many companies provide interior painting services in Calgary or wherever you live. You should find the best contractor if you employ the advice mentioned above. Best of luck!

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