5 Post Covid App Development Trends

Post Covid App

Apps have become such an important part of our lives that it is often hard to understand their impact. They have the potential to disrupt entire industries and make our lives better. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many apps have become an essential part of companies’ innovation strategies. 

If the world has learned something from the Coronavirus pandemic, it is the fact that technology, when used for good, has the power to help human problems. Apps are no exception to this trend. As a matter of fact, apps are an essential part of it. Without them, many recent innovations would not even exist. 

If you are looking for the most important app development trends to look out for in our post-Covid world, you may find yourself lost due to the amount of information available everywhere. It becomes difficult to spot what’s really relevant due to the noise.

As an app development company, at Koombea we have spotted five main trends on which every company should focus. More likely than not, these trends will keep on growing and disrupting existing market conditions. They are:

1) Telemedicine: Improving Access to Medical Services

Apps have certainly disrupted medical services. They haven’t only helped patients. Some of the world’s best MedTech apps have also helped medical personnel ease their administrative burdens, helping healthcare institutions gain in productivity. This has resulted in the possibility to offer patients better services. 

In particular, telemedicine has helped improve access to medical services. Healthcare providers are starting to understand that patients are looking for easier and more accessible ways to receive treatments, attend medical appointments, and treat their illnesses. This applies not only to the more senior population but also to younger but busier individuals.

In the coming years, we can expect to see more companies innovating in the field of telemedicine through apps that can help bring together patients and healthcare practitioners.

2) The Internet of Things: Connecting Every Device Possible

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those technologies that has been in everyone’s mouth for some time now, and it finally seems like it is catching up with expectations. The possibility to connect all sorts of devices through the Internet allows users to be in control of complex systems and collect data across a number of data points. This, of course, occurs through powerful apps. 

IoT apps open up many possibilities that were unthought of just some years ago. With them, users can control and monitor devices remotely, helping them be in control of all sorts of processes. This is not just about making your home ‘smart’. IoT networks allow companies to dream big, to the point where they can develop products like IoT vehicles, IoT services, and even IoT systems for entire industries. 

3) Financial Inclusion: Banks for Everyone

One of the most impactful things that FinTech companies have done is open up financial systems to all sorts of users. Many services, once exclusive to only a small fraction of companies and individuals, are finally being democratized thanks to financial apps.

Although it is yet to be seen which business models prove to be sustainable in the long term, many of their underlying ideas are shaking up the foundations of an industry that has remained almost untouched for decades. New players are showing up, disrupting the status quo, and making old incumbents rethink their strategies. New services and products are leading the way through powerful financial apps.

Just as an example, cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum rapidly, and markets are taking notice. Aside from this, there are many other opportunities for new technologies to gain their fair share of the market.

4) Retail Growth: eCommerce Taking Over

It is no surprise that retail apps are gaining ground. As a result of the pandemic, many households finally migrated from brick and mortar stores to digital ones. Similarly, many businesses finally embraced digital technologies and remote work. Everyone seems to embrace eCommerce.

Online sales grew considerably throughout 2020, and they are expected to keep on growing in the coming years. eCommerce alternatives like Shopify Plus have gained a lot of traction, helping businesses small and large scale in just a matter of months.

Custom retail apps have become an indispensable part of any eCommerce business thanks to the possibilities they offer to both business owners and customers alike. Processes can be smoothened, helping create powerful Customer Experiences (CX). Most importantly, retail apps help companies put customers’ data to work for everyone’s advantage.

5) Artificial Intelligence: Automation Leads the Way

Few HiTech technologies are expected to bring as many changes to every industry as Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to powerful algorithms that use technologies like Machine Learning and NLP, AI is bringing automation into every possible industry you can imagine. Thanks to cloud services, these technologies are easily accessible to everyone through apps.

Complex repetitive processes that once needed humans inside the loop are now going fully automated. Apps that harness the power of AI will become a standard practice for companies that want to stay afloat in competitive industries. Although this will bring many opportunities, it will also pose many challenges for the companies that are not prepared to embrace these new technologies.

A shift in mentality is necessary at the leadership level of companies in order for AI apps to be successfully implemented.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important trends that companies should be aware of when it comes to apps. Whether your company already has one or is planning to build one, these trends will define the near and long-term future. This applies to both enterprises and startups alike. 

One of the most important things that any business can do is find an experienced app development company. Only a real app development expert will be able to identify your business needs and translate them into a fully functional and scalable app that users love. By doing so, will you be able to guarantee that your innovative ideas come to life in a sustainable way. 

Robert Kazmi is the Chief Revenue Officer at Koombea, an app development company with over 14 years of experience building world-class digital products. 

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