5 Photo Booth Software Solutions You Should Try

5 Photo Booth Software Solutions You Should Try

Nowadays, we can take our phones, instantly capture every pose, grin, or silly face with them, and immediately share the photos on our socials. With the development of technology, it’s no surprise that other industries have had to level up too. And photo booths are no exception. Say you’re throwing a wedding. Why not let your guests have fun with a photo booth tailored to the wedding’s theme? Or take any corporate event. There are often photo booths there that allow guests to take photos with the company’s logo or even shoot 360-degree videos. 

Logically, as technology advances, the photo booth industry has also received a major upgrade. Thanks to cutting-edge software solutions, these booths aren’t just snapping pics anymore. They’re creating immersive adventures that’ll have anyone laughing, posing, wondering, and maybe even doing a little dance.

If you’re seeking the ideal photo booth software to liven up your event, get ready to end your search here. For a detailed feature comparison of various photo booths, you can check out this article:


And in this piece, we’ve compiled the top 5 photo booth software solutions that’ll 100% leave your guests capturing, sharing, and smiling like never before. 

You step into a photo booth, but instead of just taking a quick pic and leaving, you get into a world of augmented reality (AR). That’s the wonder of Banuba’s AR Photo Booth software—a cutting-edge SDK that will leave all your guests in awe. 

It comes with a patented technology and is backed by an internal R&D department boasting Ph.D.-level staff and over 8 years of experience in the AR market. Trusted by 100+ clients globally (including heavy hitters like Gucci and Samsung), you can be sure you’re in good hands

You can’t even imagine the range of possibilities Banuba’s AR Photo Booth SDK offers! From personalized AR filters and vibrant virtual backgrounds to multi-face tracking and interactive touch-based features, including AR games—the options are boundless. Picture yourself trying on a 3D mask that turns you into a lively animated character, or styling up your selfies with trendy stickers. With 1000+ options for either partial or full face coverage, the fun never stops.

  • Breeze

Breeze Booth (or DSLR Remote Pro) is a real game-changer in the photo booth realm, especially for Windows users. Flexibility and scalability are key for Breeze Booth, so it’s perfect for anyone from solo operators to large organizations with several photo booths in multiple locations.

With it, you can craft personalized interfaces, tweak interface components to your heart’s content, and churn out branded prints, GIFs, and much more.

The software goes beyond basic customization to make sure your photos stand out from the crowd. Use its numerous image filters, create your own special effects, and even remove the background if necessary!

But what’s really interesting is the “Scan to Start” feature Breeze Booth offers. Basically, this means your guests can simply scan the code to automate the sending of images via email and kick off their photo booth journey. 

  • Snappic

Designed for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, Snappic offers a reliable platform for creating memorable photo experiences. Trusted by 1,000+ clients in 90+ countries, Snappic definitely knows how to bring the fun to any event.

It can connect a variety of Canon and Nikon cameras directly to your iOS device, delivering photos and GIFs of DSLR-quality.

However, Snappic isn’t just about photos—it’s about creating immersive experiences. With its videoFX feature, guests can record creative videos that’ll take the event experience to a whole new level. It also offers interactive competitions like “Scratch & Win” or “Spin & Win”, enhancing the excitement and engagement at your events.

  • dslrBooth

dslrBooth is compatible with various devices, like DSLR cameras, webcams, or the camera of your iPad and iPhone. But it’s not just about photos. Whether you prefer the impressive effect of slow-mo clips or the fun of boomerangs, this software offers all this and even more. Due to the 360 Booth feature, your camera will capture the guests from every perspective, while with the Glam Booth, you’ll perfect their photos with smooth skin, elevating their glamor. It also offers the Mirror Booth that lets you create and preload personalized audio and video cues to lead guests through your booth’s interface. 

But where dslrBooth really shines is its effects and filters. If you want to add a touch of sparkle or completely transform your photos, this software has the tools to make it happen. Plus, sharing your creations is a snap, thanks to built-in options like email, Instagram, AirDrop, etc.

  • Simple Booth

At the heart of Simple Booth lies its innovative photo technology, including its renowned HALO hardware and user-friendly software that combines fun with simplicity. 

It offers various customizable messaging and branding options. For example, a company can add its name to its messages, incorporate its logo, and much more. Simple Booth has everything to make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Simple Booth is its suite of marketing features. It’s equipped with tools that can attract customers, enhance your social media presence, secure leads, and provide comprehensive performance reports for measuring success. From major events to intimate gatherings, Simple Booth has been successfully used by brands like Nordstrom Rack to drive considerable opt-in leads and foster social media interaction. It’s no surprise that Simple Booth is trusted by numerous customers worldwide to achieve desired outcomes.

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