5 Phone Tricks You Should Definitely Know

We all use smartphones but some of us excel in the usage of it and some of us lag behind, that is generally because some of us know the tips and tricks of using a smartphone and some of us just use it for the sake of getting our job done. There are several features available in smartphones for our convenience but we are unaware of them and aren’t really able to use them. Also, we are not occupying all the features that we can and making using smartphones easier and safer.

Here in this blog, we learn some of the important tips we should know about our phones to make our usage more efficient and tech-savvy.

1. Making Your Specific Apps Secure

We’ve all had the experience of being asked for our phone by somebody we don’t want to expose our personal information to. In such cases, it is safe to lock such individuals out and prohibit them from using your applications, such as WhatsApp, Gmail, or your photo gallery, which include some of the sensitive stuff that you wish to keep secret. To keep such information hidden from prying eyes, we’ll go through some of the tools accessible on your smartphone. Everyone can only use it till you input the password.

Play Store is brimming with apps that may be used to restrict access to specific apps. To lock your applications with a password or biometric identification, try the following apps: App locker, Lock App, and Ultra AppLock.

2. Get Back Accidentally Cleared Notifications 

 Notifications are an important feature of the phone that keeps users hooked on it. Fortunately, there is a method to view all of the warnings and notifications you have received in the last several days. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Long-press any empty space on your screen.
  • Widgets may be found in the menu.
  • Learn about the Settings shortcut widget.
  • Scroll down and choose Notification log from the Settings shortcut menu.
  • On your home screen, a Notification log shortcut will now appear.
  • To view all of your missed notifications, tap on this shortcut.
  • When you miss an alarm, just press the device to get a list of all of your alarms.

3. Multi-Task with Split Screen

The ability to run two programs on the screen at the same time is the most essential feature of Android. It’s useful when you’re taking a Google Meet meeting and reading emails, when you’re looking at a spreadsheet and sending the related data in Messages, or when you face calling a buddy while going through social media on the side. Regardless, it’s not quite apparent how to get programs to run in split-screen mode.

4. Files Transferred Through Wifi Directly

Do you have problems connecting to the internet while uploading files to your device? It becomes rather unpleasant when downloading data from an Android mobile to a computer over Bluetooth since it frequently fails to establish a connection and when it does, the transfer is quite sluggish. 

Wi-Fi transfers files at lightning-fast speeds, which are obviously considerably quicker than Bluetooth. Wi-Fi Direct, like Bluetooth, offers the same “find, couple, and send” capabilities. However, Wi-Fi direct is not as widely used as Bluetooth at the moment. The nicest thing about Wi-Fi direct is that it doesn’t require any third-party software to connect.

To transfer files over Wi-Fi direct, go to Settings and enable the Wi-Fi direct options. To do so, navigate to Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi and then to the Wi-Fi Direct tab at the top. 

5. Smart Lock Can Help A Lot

It is critical to keep your smartphone safe. However, if you’re the one holding it, there’s no justification for why you have to unlock your cell phone every time you pull it from your pocket.

Fortunately, the Smart Lock feature has been included in Android OS for quite some time. When enabled, this capability keeps the smartphone unlocked under specific trusted situations, allowing screen unlocking without authentication

With Trusted Face, the smartphone will always go into swipe open mode if it detects you with the front camera.


In this article here we discussed some of these amazing tricks that can make our smartphone usage more efficient and also safe. Most of us who were unaware of these splendid tricks can now apply it and make ourselves smartphone pros. Hope the article here helped you out.

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