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5 Phone Repair Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

With the number of mobile phone users increasing exponentially, it has become more common to hear complaints related to phone repairs. While a majority of customers is fortunate enough to get the kind of service they want, only a few of them are swindled by their service provider, which triggers resentment and results in rumours floating around the society. And in no time, these rumours turn into rigid myths that haunt you – the customer – and make you vulnerable to fly-by-night repair centres that are out there to cash in on your situation.

But knowing the truth puts you in a better position to make an informed choice. So here are 5 phone repair myths that you should stop believing right now.

Myth # 1

Repair Centre Hacks into Your Phone

Unless you are a Hollywood celebrity or President of America, your phone’s data holds no value to a stranger, let alone the staff at repair centres. Moreover, the technicians are bound by legal obligation to not to share your personal details or hack into your phone unless required.

If you are still sceptical about this, you may create a backup on your computer and delete files from your mobile phone before bolting out for phone repairs.

Myth# 2

Only Manufacturer’s Service Centre Can Fix Your Phone

Most customers believe that the one who manufacturers the phone can only repair it the best. Technically, the people who are involved in the manufacturing process will never get down to repair your phone. It’s the local technician employed at the manufacturer’s service centre who repairs your phone and handle grievances. He is trained and certified just like a technician working for some third party repair centre. That being said, it is safe to entrust third-party phone repairs centres with your requirements.

Myth# 3

Water Damaged Phones Cannot be Repaired

Today, we have a range of water-resistant mobile phones available on the market, but if yours doesn’t come with the ability to survive a spill or dip, there are still great hopes to go around. Most repair centres can get your water damaged phone repaired, thereby, saving you from the larger expense of buying a new phone.

Myth # 4

Third Party Repair Will Void Your Phone’s Warranty

No repair centre would tamper with your phone’s warranty as long as they are experienced and certified. If your service provider has managed to stay in the business for more than 5 years, it’s evident that their service is backed by a team of highly experienced technicians and top-grade equipment to handle even the most complex repairs. Rest assured that your phone’s components are as safe as the warranty itself.

Myth # 5

Repair Centres Replace Your Phone’s Original Parts with Duplicate Ones

I have been hearing this a lot since mobile phones became mainstream. Suppose, if your repair centre guy takes out some component from your phone, he has to put in a substitute in order to keep your device up and running. If he does that, he will be left with a genuine yet old component, which would cost him as much as the new counterfeit part that he slipped in. The little money that he would make from this fraud is not worth the hassles at all. Then why would he do it in the first place? No, he won’t.


It’s advisable to always be on the safer side and choose a reputed service provider for your phone repairs needs. Not only will you be able to get fast and reliable repairs, but you will also be charged reasonably for the service.

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