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5 New Tools To Run a Remote Business in 2021

When it comes to running a business remotely, using all the tools at your disposal can be the difference between failure and success, yet choosing the right business tools for your business is no easy task. 

Last year, many businesses had no choice but to make the transition to work remotely, and while at first this was a difficult transition, many businesses have come to rely on all kinds of business tools to help them run their business remotely, from team management tools to hiring Registered Agents. Here are five of the most popular business tools to help businesses operate remotely in 2021. 


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing tools since business made the transition to operate remotely and employees began working from home. With office meetings out of the question, Zoom is now how most remote businesses are able to stay in touch, connect with each other and hold regular meetings. Zoom allows remote businesses to conduct online meetings of up to 25 people, host video webinars, and share files and exchange messages across various platforms. Zoom even allows businesses to host virtual training sessions for new staff members.

Working from home and managing a team or specific project remotely can be challenging when you cannot keep tabs on what everyone is doing in the office. is a popular visual project management tool that allows business owners as well as staff members to assign tasks to individuals or groups of employees, customize their workflow, and keep track of how ongoing projects are progressing. has one of the most comprehensive set of features in relation to other project management tools. It is based on a board system and allows staff members to create project templates, budge dashboards, schedule and prioritize tasks, and so much more to boost productivity and efficiency.  

Using a Registered Agent 

While working remotely has its benefits, its difficulty to do everything on your own and that’s where third party assistance comes in. Hiring a Registered Agent is the best form of outsourced help a remote business can have. Every business needs an appointed Registered Agent, and while you can act as the Registered Agent of your remote business, there are certain requirements. If you are not always available during working hours, or your remote business does not have a physical address, hiring a Registered Agent Service is your best bet. A Registered Agent Service can act as your point of contact with the state, receive important documents on your behalf and help you stay compliant. 

Google Drive

If your remote business consists of a very compact team that does not deal with much paperwork and documents, Google Drive allows your business to store and share important documents almost immediately. Google Drive is so much more than a document management tool, it lets you organize and store documents and collaborate with staff and team members in real time regardless of time zones and geographical locations. Users can make, share and access documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Their free plan offers 15GB free storage and is available in application form for both iOS and Android devices. 

Team Viewer

When running a remote business, finding ways to support your distributed team is crucial and when simple screenshots are no longer sufficient, Team View is one of the best business tools to help give employers remote access to their team’s work and provide support when needed. Team Viewer allows staff members to access one another’s computers if the application is installed on both devices and everyone is provided with the necessary login details. It is a truly reliable tool when business owners need to access work devices and documents safely.

Find the combination that works for you

These are some of the best business tools remote businesses can use to operate efficiently. The above-mentioned tools all cater to different aspects of running a business remotely, including team and document management tools, as well as various remote support tools. Most remote businesses use a combination of the tools mentioned above or others like it. It’s all about finding the tools that work for you, your employees, and of course your budget. 

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