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5 New Cryptocurrencies in the Telegram Blockchain Ecosystem With Potential for 100x Growth

The Telegram Open Network ecosystem (TON), built upon the infrastructure developed by the team behind Telegram messenger, is currently the fastest-growing blockchain platform in the cryptocurrency market.

Within the TON ecosystem, there are already over 600 dApps, including DEXes, staking protocols, and farming games.

New coins are being launched on the TON blockchain, some of which have already demonstrated phenomenal growth in a very short time.

The integration of TON into Telegram has significantly increased liquidity flow, further giving a boost to the prices of coins within the ecosystem.

Here’s a list of five of the most popular cryptocurrencies currently live on TON that have the potential to grow 100X in the near future.

Gramcoin (GRAM)

Growth potential: High

GRAM is the talk of the town in the Telegram ecosystem in the CIS. It’s a token that can be mined using GPUs via Givers – special smart contracts containing computational tasks to carry out blockchain transactions on the TON network.

Miners are rewarded for completing these tasks. If you’re familiar with the technology, this is exactly how Bitcoin’s network operates. However, the key difference is that GRAM special contracts can be resolved without expensive ASICs.

GRAM is so easy to mine that anyone can start mining it even with just one graphics card.

This level of accessibility allows the token to be highly decentralized – the control of the entire network belongs to the community at large without any kind of domination by large data centers or “whales” in the market.

GRAM didn’t have a pre-mine, which means the creator of the token didn’t reserve any coins for themselves or for marketing purposes.

This is reminiscent of the early years of Bitcoin, when anyone could mine the coins and the project was truly decentralized. Additionally, Bitcoins were never appropriated to large-scale investors who could later dump or hold the tokens for market manipulation tactics.

That’s why the GRAM community enthusiasts call it the “New Bitcoin on Telegram”. The main driving force behind GRAM is its community, which now consists of over 30,000 holders.

The coin is traded on decentralized platforms within the TON ecosystem such as, Ton Diamonds, DeDust, and also via the Cryptorg bot on the Telegram messenger.

The community also awaits listings on major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Users have noticed large transfers of GRAM – over 1 million coins worth around $80,000 – to MEXC and OKX exchanges.

The number of GRAM holders grew to 30,000 in less than two months, and the price surged an incredible 28,000 times from $0.00000107 to $0.03 since its launch in January.

Notcoin (NOT)

Growth potential: Moderate

NOT is a meme coin from the Notcoin game in the TON ecosystem. It gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts after its free distributions this winter.

By mid-March 2024, the number of Notcoin players on Telegram exceeded 30 million, with 5 million active players daily.

Notcoin is a straightforward gaming bot on Telegram that allows users to farm tokens by repeatedly tapping on a button. The game gives users limited “energy” which depletes with each click but replenishes over time, preventing users from clicking 24/7.

You can also earn NOT for completing other tasks, such as inviting friends via referral links or joining Telegram chats and channels.

Users with Telegram Premium subscriptions were offered special bonuses, such as a welcome bonus of 50,000 Notcoins.

Notcoin actively interacts with other projects in the TON ecosystem. For example, one recent task that rewarded users with 100,000 NOT was related to the aforementioned GRAM project.

However, the team behind the Notcoin Web3 gaming project recently announced that they will cease mining of the coin from April 1, 2024.

The coin will soon get listed on Bybit. Users anticipate a significant boost in the coin’s valuation after the listing as it hasn’t been traded before this.

However, some skeptics expect a price drop in the first few days after the masses start purchasing the coin and claim that the project has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or Web3 in its architecture, as it is centrally controlled. (STON)

Growth potential: Above average is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) built on the TON blockchain. The platform operates as a request-for-quote (RFQ) cross-chain exchange and uses hashed time-locked contracts (HTLC) for atomic interchain swaps.

It is one of the largest DEXes in the TON ecosystem and one of its veterans – the DEX was created in 2022. The daily trading volume on the DEX is $7 million.

For the still-developing TON ecosystem, this is one of the best indicators and demonstrates a growth trend.

STON is the utility token of the decentralized platform. The token allows participation in protocol governance and voting through long-term stakes.

Along with the rise in the TON price and the influx of new users into the ecosystem, the STON price has also risen. Since late February 2024, the token has surged in price by 6 times, peaking at $18, whereas in February, it was trading at $2.6.

DeFinder Capital (DFC)

Growth potential: Moderate

DeFinder Capital is an ecosystem of products on TON with its token DFC. The ecosystem already includes the ARBUZ clicker with round-the-clock coin drops, the DeWallet wallet, the DeFinder Capital Fund, the ArrakenPlanet farming game, and the first betting service on TON.

The main task of DF Capital is to become the number one community in the TON ecosystem, filling in the gaps in services and products and promoting TON by attracting more users.

DeFinder Capital aims to become a connecting link in the TON ecosystem, uniting disparate members of the crypto community into a cohesive whole.

The ecosystem is governed through the DFC token as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Some DFC tokens from the social pool are used to attract new users and motivate them to actively participate in the ecosystem.

The project is supported by the TON team. The head of the TON Foundation supported the DeFinder fund by sending $20,000 to their wallet.

DFC is traded on MEXC and has grown by 1440% since December 2023.


Growth potential: Moderate

TonUP is a launchpad in The Open Network (TON) ecosystem. Like other launchpads, its mission is to attract funding for the successful launch of new projects on the TON blockchain.

The launchpad contributes to liquidity inflow into TON and stimulates the creation of new projects. The TonUP launchpad token is traded on the MEXC, Bitget, and BingX exchanges, as well as on decentralized platforms and DeDust, which is among the top 5 protocols in the TON ecosystem with a TVL of around $15 million.

The project team conducts periodic buybacks and burns of TonUP tokens, reducing their circulation. This supports the token’s price, which has grown by 180% in a month, reaching an all-time high of $1.2 on March 25.

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