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5 Native Advertising Trends that will Double Your Brand Sales in 2018

Native advertising has been in the headlines for quite some time now. Trends keep changing as technology evolves. A native advertisement is an advertising format that is seamlessly placed in between content and follows the nature of the content in which it is placed. Statistics show that native advertising is set to control the ad revenue by 74 percent by the year 2021. This is a real proof to show that native advertising is here to stay, and there is more to it that will blow the advertising industry. This article will discuss 5 native advertising trends dominating 2018.

1. Mobile

The world is fast moving to a mobile integrated web surfing. Almost everything can be done using a phone. Internet web traffic report shows that in 2016, 43.5 percent of all world wide web traffic was through mobile- smartphones and iPhones. In 2017 the percentage shot to 59.9 percent, and in 2018, the number is set to definitely increase keeping in mind that developing nations are now accessing free internet. This is a perfect niche for native advertisers, as brands are placing their native ads on the mobile platform.

2. Social Media

Social media is taking the world by storm. Apart from it being a platform that people interact with friends and family, it has proved to be a great platform for businesses to thrive in. Facebook the biggest social media platform, boasts of over 2 billion users. Being the most dominant and famous social media platform, native advertisers are crafting their ads to suit the nature of Facebook users. The end result is more profit since there is a mass brand awareness. Other social media platforms such as instagram, are following real fast and are claiming more users. Social media is set to be the giant of native advertising as most brands are moving from traditional publishers, to social media platforms to interact with their potential prospects. Depending on the nature of the targeted social media site, native advertisers need to come up with a way in which their ads, will perfectly fit the nature of the targeted social media platform.

3. Quality Content

Quality content has always been king and in 2018 this will not be farther from the truth. As a native advertiser, producing quality content is going to set you on edge over the averagely, or poorly written content. On the various platforms you’re targeting for your marketing campaigns; social media, traditional publishers, and websites, you need to craft quality content that’s authentic and relevant to the users. This will make your customers have trust and confidence in your brand, consequently, you get more sales and more money. Posting a sales type of content will only make potential customers avoid your brand. Think of giving them the benefits they will get if they decide to be part of your business, and how it will improve their lives. Be friendly and normal especially in social media, rather than being too professional and robotic. Additionally, create polls and survey questions to be answered by the public; this will help you know what needs to be improved in your brand, and the areas in the market that have not yet been tapped.

4. Video Advertising

The video arena is exploding. People are gradually developing an interest in videos and not just plain content. Videos involve both sound and image and this leaves a better impression to the prospect, in return they will be able to easily remember the product or service they have ever seen

being advertised. Native advertisers will be sponsoring engaging videos in the various social media sites, putting in mind the video should suit their viewers’ concentration ability, that is not more than 2minutes.

5. Content Promotion

In 2018 native advertisers are set to promote /sponsor content. This is to help them advertise their brands, improve brand awareness, or increase brand sales. This will be in highly engaging blogs which have massive followers. instagram stories and Facebook posts will also be sponsored. Nevertheless, it will be hard for people to distinguish between sponsored content and an influencer’s genuine opinion on certain brands.


In 2018; native advertising is set to grow big, a shift is expected from traditional publishers to social media platforms. As a native advertiser be part of this change.

The year is almost finished and a lot is still expected of it, while most of these are predictions backed by past statistics, we do hope that it yields maximum return on investments put on it.

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