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5 Mindfulness Games for Children and Teens

We often hear that mindfulness is like a superpower. However, it is often observed that very few people pay attention to this phrase and take sufficient measures to ensure mindfulness. Others, being unaware of the benefits of mindfulness, overlook it. It is worth mentioning that mindfulness plays a key role in stress management and anxiety reduction. Moreover, people equipped with mindfulness reflect enhanced self-esteem, greater enthusiasm for life, and greater ability to relax. The overall wellbeing of any individual is also directly related to mindfulness. 

However, the problem with many people is unawareness of the basic definition of mindfulness. Hence, practicing mindfulness for them is out of the question. So mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the processes happening in your mind, body, and immediate surroundings. Mindfulness also enables you to stay present while ensuring curiosity and compassion. Greater mindfulness allows you to interact with others politely and meaningfully. Hence, it is essential for people having various ages. Encouraging children and teenagers to practice mindfulness is a better way to ensure mindfulness in them from the early age.

The habit of practicing mindfulness in childhood and teenage will help them ensure greater wellbeing throughout their entire life. Mindfulness will also help you ensure numerous psychological, cognitive, and physical benefits. Some people may find it difficult to adopt the habit of practicing mindfulness. However, it is not much tricky. They only need to focus on their brain training for this purpose. Luckily, various types of mindfulness games and tests are there to improve and assess the mindfulness of various individuals. Read on to learn more about mindfulness games and tests. 

Cool Math Games

Cool math games that apparently look easier can lead to greater mindfulness. Such games are easily playable on various devices. The best thing about these games is their ability to provide children, teenagers, and adults with a fun way to spend their spare time enhancing problem-solving skills. These interactive games involve basic and advanced arithmetic calculations to help users keep their minds sharp while having fun. Hence, these fun, interactive games not only help users have fun but also enhance their problem-solving skills significantly. 

Increased problem-solving ability leads to greater mindfulness. Cool math games are a perfect way to stay cool and active every day. These math games keep your brain engaged in solving math problems and learning new math lessons with the help of fun and interactive math puzzles. Playing cool math games will allow you to learn new math skills that are also helpful in solving real-life problems. Playing such games daily allows you to challenge your mind and get involved in math puzzles that will ultimately help you improve your problem-solving ability.

Cognitive Test

Another great and effective way to assess your mindfulness and help you make it better is a cognitive test. It is also termed CAB or Cognitive Assessment Battery. As the name suggests, the purpose of this assessment is to assess a person’s brain functioning and cognitive performance. This test is suitable for children equal to or above age 7, teenagers, and adults. The results of this neurocognitive test help you understand the cognitive state and outline the strengths and weaknesses of users. It can even help people determine whether the cognitive changes they are experiencing are normal. 

This cognitive assessment battery lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. It is comprehensive enough to analyze a person’s cognitive functionality and overall wellbeing. This test also takes account of the psychological, physical, and social wellbeing of a person in addition to cognitive ability. It reflects an individual’s concentration, memory, reasoning, planning, and coordination score. It also compares the achieved score with standard scores of people with similar gender and age group. Hence, it is a perfect way of assessing someone’s mindfulness. 

Brain Games

When it comes to any kind of mental or physical activity performed by an individual, that person’s brain plays the role of an anchor. Any reflex, action, reaction, or response shown by that particular person while doing an activity is processed by the brain. Hence, the brain plays a key role in any individual’s overall efficiency and wellbeing. The best way to keep your brain sharp is to get engaged in brain games that help train your mind and improve your cognitive abilities. Playing brain games for just 10 minutes a day can help you keep your brain active and in shape.

The habit of playing brain games every day will guide your brain to use various neurological areas. Playing these games will greatly help you improve your concentration. When it comes to brain games, you will come across various types, including word games, challenging puzzles, and other tests that will help you keep your brain active and increase your IQ. Additional benefits of playing brain games are improved thinking skills, enhanced attention, increased attention, better reaction time, and greater memorizing ability. 

Memory Test

Memory plays a key role in keeping an individual active and productive. Lagging memory can bring huge problems. The ability of a person to study, work, or use a device becomes highly compromised due to lagging memory. Hence, it is necessary to analyze the memorizing ability over time and take necessary measures to ensure optimum memorizing ability. The best way to assess memorizing ability of a person is by using the memory test. It can help you detect memory loss and other related problems earlier to ensure a fitting treatment before it is too late. 

The visual episodic memory test is simple, quick, and usable anywhere, anytime. If you have ever struggled to remember things, this test can help you determine whether it is something serious or normal. This test will let you easily view your memory health score and reaction speed. This memory test will help you become aware of your brain health. Moreover, it will allow you to put yourself on the track of mental wellbeing. Knowing better about your brain health and memorizing ability will help you do the right things to improve your memory over time. 

Neuropsychological Testing

The neuropsychological testing process is the final thing to help you learn about your mental wellbeing. It is a collection of noninvasive tests meant to look at brain functionality. It is also known as a neuropsychological test battery. The purpose of this test battery is to focus on the brain and analyze multiple cognitive skills. 

Ultimately, it can reflect accurate cognitive functioning scores across various domains like visuospatial skills, selective attention, and learning. This test battery can also assist in differential diagnosis and prior and post-evaluation of the brain after functional neurosurgical procedures.

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