5 Medical Heating Equipment Innovations and Developments Trends in 2022

Any industry, including healthcare, needs to innovate to stay afloat. With the last embers of the COVID-19 pandemic still flickering, the world continues to speed up the adoption of medical developments, in response to the challenges it raised.

Such developments include new trends in technology and medical equipment. So to understand this year’s healthcare potential, this article gives a rundown of five development trends and heating equipment innovations in 2022.

Some Development Trends and Medical Heating Equipment Innovations in 2022

Various branches of medicine depend on medical development trends for growth. Below we look at five of them.

Polyimide Flexible Heaters (PFH)

This heating equipment is used for curved or rigid surfaces. These heaters are created with an etched foil layer placed between two polyimide film layers.

Adhesives like acrylic and FEP Teflon are used to hold the etched foil in place. In addition, they use a unique type of polyimide film called Kaptan.

This heating innovation is used for medical equipment where temperature regulation is required. PFH is very resistant and also works on high-temperature values.

Vocal Biomarkers

Imagine a world where you could easily identify conditions from a conversation. Vocal biomarkers promise such innovation. Although this might sound like technology from a sci-fi movie, we’re close to having such conversations with AI technology.

Employing A.I.-based voice recognition techniques, symptom checker software can identify “vocal biomarkers”. An algorithm can then tell the differences between vocal patterns and the characteristics of related diseases.

With some luck, we could experience voice-tech apps that deliver on this promise before the year runs out.

Silicone Flexible Heaters

This is another heating innovation that is precious to the healthcare field. Silicone flexible heaters are excellent heating equipment that is chemical resistant. As the name implies, they are made of two silicon layers vulcanized together, working via a circuit connected to power.

Just like other heaters, they have several applications. They are highly sought after in the scientific and medical fields and they can allow for operation in wet and outdoor environments. Silicone flexible heaters can be easily customized to suit various uses.

AI Diagnostics

Artificial intelligence has shown a lot of promise in the healthcare industry. In 2022, we can expect more AI-controlled diagnostic features for patients worldwide.

Dermatology apps like MiiSkin and Google’s Derm Assist can already monitor patients’ skin infections and provide good medical advice.

In addition, companies like the Center for Breakthrough Medicines use Adeno Associated Viral Vectors as a means of administering gene therapy. With AI modifications, they can eventually detect defective genes in humans.

PathAI is also developing a system that employs digital pathology slides with AI Technology. This helps pathologists to make swifter and more accurate diagnoses.

With various potentials across clinical practice, it’s quite possible to get new AI diagnostic tools this year.

Advanced Home Testing Kits

One of the easiest healthcare innovations to implement now is home testing. We’re talking about more sophisticated devices than typical blood sugar or pressure testing kits.

With such advanced testing kits, people can measure several health parameters that can only usually be done in laboratories. From whole-genome sequencing to microbiome analyses, testing kits will be able to perform crucial tests anywhere, anytime.

Soon, these testing kits could be as cheap and accessible as regular testing kits.


This ends our list of five medical equipment and health development trends that are worth looking out for in 2022 and beyond. Expect more innovative and ground-breaking trends in the healthcare industry

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