5 Measurement Tools in Electrical and Electronics


The professional engineers and technicians that work in the electronics field know the importance of measurement tools for their job. The electronic device needs proper treatment because it is such a delicate device that can easily change its function, broken, or doesn’t work as it should be. For that reason, the professional in this field always has several tools to measure every element in their job. Here, we are going to talk about five measurement tools that those technicians use a lot.

1. Multimeter

A multimeter is a measurement tool that you can use to measure three basic electrical characteristics. They are voltage, current, and resistance level. Therefore, we also can call it an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter.

This tool has three main parts. First of all is the display, which shows you the measuring result. In the past, it still used the needle-type to display the result. This analog display shows it by moving the needle to the specific number of measuring results. Today, we can find the Multimeter that uses LCD, which gives you more accurate results than the old model.

The other two are the control panel, where you can adjust the measurement level. You also use it to change the mode between ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter. Then, there is also the measuring stick. It will start the measuring process when you put it on the component or area you want to measure. All technicians always have this tool in their bags whenever they do their job because of its multiple functionalities. To get accurate results, use always the best multimeter brands such as INNOVA 3320 digital multimeter.

2. Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is a tool for measuring the voltage level of an electronic circuit. You can measure the voltage change by using a Multimeter. However, that is only for a circuit that has a constant/stable voltage level. As for an electronic device with a more complex circuit, a Multimeter won’t be able to measure its voltage level because it is constantly changing. The oscilloscope can do it without any problem.

Oscilloscope has a display that shows you a graphic of voltage changes over time. There are two things you can read on its display, which is the vertical axis that shows you the voltage change and the horizontal axis is a time indicator. By using these two components, you will know how the voltage changes over time. You also can even find the problem or error on the electronic device by reading its voltage change with this tool.

3. Clamp Meter

Clamp Meter has a unique shape that you can’t find on other electronics measurement tools because of its big hinged jaw. As for its function, technicians use this tool to measure the electric current on a cable or any media where it runs without de-energizing or stopping its current. Just by clamping it around the media with its big jaw, the sensor on the inner side of the clamp will be able to detect and measure the current.

Clamp Meter mostly is made of plastic material. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to produce. However, the jaws use ferrite iron on the inside which acts as one of the best conductors for electric current. So, when you put it near the electric current, this material can easily detect and measure it.

4. ESR Meter

ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) Meter is a tool that professional technicians use to measure the internal resistance level of a capacitor in an electronic circuit. The result will be displayed in Ohms. This tool can measure the resistance level of the capacitor without removing it from the circuit.

You also can use a Multimeter for this measurement, but it won’t display an accurate result as it is affected by another component in the circuit. On the other hand, ESR Meter can do it accurately. It means you save your time and money. That is another reason why ESR Meter is an important tool for every technician.

Technicians use ESR Meter, not only, for measuring the resistance level. But they also can find out the problem in the electronic circuit. It is useful to troubleshoot the electronic device or solve the no power problem that happens a lot on the old equipment.

5. Wattmeter

A wattmeter is a tool to measure the electric power of a circuit or electronic device. It displays its measuring result in Watts. Most of the house has this tool in their electric system. This tool will measure the usage of electric energy. The electric company uses it to decide how much they will charge you. However, technicians use it to know the stability of the circuit. We also can find out an error that can cause an accident from the electronic circuit.


Those five measurement tools are the most important and useful tools those technicians and, maybe, you need in the electric project. They have various functions that can help your work and improve your productivity significantly. If you are located in the Brisbane area please contact Computer Repairs Brisbane otherwise contact the computer repair guys at

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