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5 Meaningful Writing Assignments Connected To The Pandemic


The world is facing changes and difficulties that are connected to the COVID-19 breakout. We all need to be flexible during the pandemic. The flexibility can relate to time-management as well. Time is a precious resource for students, and to get some more free hours, you can apply for online assignment help. It is a perfect solution for those who are overloaded with continuous tasks and cannot find enough rest.

Nobody knows when it will end, and in many countries, some students are still processing the challenging experience. To adapt to the “new normal” effective and fast, there is a way to make writing assignments meaningful and help students reflect their thoughts in these unprecedented times. Below you will find some ideas on meaningful writing assignments connected to the pandemic. 

An interview with teachers or classmates

A perfect way to define and set difficult emotions free is to interview friends, classmates, and teachers. The topic to discuss in the interview does not have to relate to COVID-19 itself. The talk can be built around the new ideas of spending free time and leisure activities related to family traditions and free time spent together.


The pandemic breakout influenced everyone, and we all suffered at some point. Psychologists define keeping diaries and personal journals as a perfect instrument of therapy. Students may have to write a journal and an accompanying paper expressing the effects of such. For example, it can be a compare and contrast essay to explain life’s differences between keeping a journal and a life without it.

Creative writing and freewriting 

This is a helpful practice that can be used as a part of almost any writing assignment connected to the pandemic. Freewriting relates to the subconscious of people and helps to express some of the hidden emotions. That is why students can use freewriting to draft any of the papers they are assigned to write. This technique is a simple way to make any writing task meaningful. 


This is a modern and effective way to communicate with audiences from various parts of the world. Blog writing is having its second rebirth as people during the pandemic are used to spending more time on the web. The quality of written material in blogs varies, and that is why students and their teachers can virtually explore this niche. Writing a blog post, formatting it correctly, adding pictures, and reflecting the vision can be a meaningful assignment.

Writing letters

A helpful approach is to assign students to write letters to each other. The core task will be to write a letter back asking questions. The epistolary genre can be resurrected and explored by students in this unusual way. Writing letters develops communication skills and teaches how to act with the audience. For example, the assignment can be writing a letter about the situation related to the pandemic in one country or region, assuming to send the letter to another region. This is the way to learn how to expose and describe the events and facts to other people.


To wrap up, let us say that the pandemic outbreak has changed the lives of many people, and flexibility is a perfect way out of frustration. Meaningful writing assignments are not necessarily about COVID-19 itself, but instead, they can relate to students’ feelings and emotions, helping them express their thoughts ecologically. We hope that the ideas from this article will be useful for you.

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