5 Maruti cars Coming In 2023


This year 2022 is almost over, and it has been a busy one for introductions and launches. The year 2023 will also be a very active year. Maruti, India’s largest manufacturer, enjoyed a banner year in sales in 2022, and the coming year, 2023, should be even better. In that case, what kinds of cars may Maruti introduce in 2023? So, let’s find out in today’s article. 5 upcoming cars in 2023.

Jimny 5-door

The Jimny is one of Maruti’s most anticipated vehicles in India. We’re all aware that Maruti is developing a Jimny with five doors just for the Indian market. In India, the 5-door 2023 Maruti Jimny has been sighted undergoing extensive testing. What has Maruti changed? Maruti has preserved the general look, although there are some minor alterations like new bumpers etc. In terms of specifications, it might obtain a 1.5-litre engine on the cheaper variants and a 1.4-litre turbo or 1.5-litre turbo on the higher ones. At the 2023 Auto Expo, we may probably expect to see Maruti’s 5-door Jimny make its debut.

Brezza CNG

During the year 2022, Maruti updated the Brezza significantly. The new Maruti Brezza has a new look and a number of innovative features that are industry firsts. On the other hand, the Brezza did not get a CNG system upgrade with this revision. Brezza CNG details were released on Maruti’s official site, and there is a need for additional CNG goods in India. Even the automatic variations shown to use CNG in this leak. It would be the first CNG vehicle in India to provide an automatic transmission if this feature were included. We find that possibility to be quite remote.

Maruti cars 2023 – Baleno Cross

The Baleno Cross is another new product from Maruti. Since it will have coupe-like features, it will be a really distinctive SUV. We’re calling it YTB for now, but “Baleno Cross” is a possible moniker for the production model. Multiple test drives have been documented, demonstrating the car’s lower profile and increased ride height. Outside of that, the Baleno Cross is rumoured to include a number of other features. Is there any word on when it will be released? The Baleno Cross could make its debut at the 2023 Auto Expo, with a possible release date a few months later.

Maruti Innova

To answer your question, yes, Maruti will soon be offering its own version of the Toyota Innova. What strategy does Maruti have? The new Toyota Innova HyCross will be donated to Maruti. It will be redesigned in the same way that other badge-engineered goods have been. Aside from that, we could look forward to a redesigned interior with fresh hues. Both a normally aspirated 2.0-liter engine and a 2.0-liter hybrid system are possible. It’s possible that Maruti will put more effort into their standard gasoline vehicle, while Toyota would prioritise their hybrid. Is there any word on when it will be released? Six months after the debut of the Toyota Innova HyCross, Maruti will unveil its version.

Maruti cars 2023 – New Swift

The new Maruti Swift is the final vehicle on the list. Though it is still one of India’s best-selling hatchbacks, Maruti has plans to modernise the Swift significantly in the near future. In Europe, Suzuki is doing testing on the next-generation Swift. The spy photos suggest that there will be aesthetic and functional updates to the next-generation Swift. Reports suggest that the new Swift from Maruti could debut in India before the year’s end, in 2023.


These items have only been the subject of rumours and recent spy photos. In spite of this, it’s worth noting that 2022 was a banner year for Maruti. New vehicles like as the Alto, Brezza, and Baleno were introduced, and upgrades to older models such as the S-Presso and WagonR were also implemented. Keeping the momentum going into 2023 is a top priority for Maruti, and these goods will get the job done.

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