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5 Marketing Trends You Will See In 2023

Marketing Trends

The marketing landscape moves in a “blink and you’ll miss it” motion, so keeping current is never easy. However, to succeed in this competitive world, it’s essential to stay ahead of the trends. Fortunately, we can help you step into 2023 in the right direction with these five marketing trends.

NFT Uses Will Change

If somehow you’re scratching your head trying to understand what an NFT is, we recommend following NFT news updates. Functioning over blockchain tech, which is the future of the digital world, it’s essential to understand NFTs because you’ll likely need to use integrate them with your business model before long.

During the 2021 NFT hype, brands could release a unique line of digital art and expect to sell it fast. However, 2022 has encouraged a consumerist move away from NFTs, with many of them dropping in value by more than half – we’re looking at you BAYC. Instead, brands will move towards loyalty-based NFTs. For example, large brands including Starbucks and Nike are utilizing the power of NFTs to allow customer access to premium perks and experiences.

Higher Focus on Mobile Optimization

More people are spending time glued to mobile devices, so it makes sense that search engines will favor correctly optimized content. According to Hubspot’s statistics for 2022, more than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Websites aren’t the only area to target mobile optimization, with many marketers attempting to create mobile email experiences.

Social Media for Customer Service

Social media has been a viable platform to voice brand messages, but it’s recently picked up speed as a hub for customer service. This trend perfectly coincides with the integration of eCommerce into the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. If customers are purchasing goods through these platforms, it’s only right that customer service is managed in the same place.

Influencer Marketing Will Become Common Practice

Influencer marketing has been building traction over the last couple of years, and we expect 2023 to build on this. This makes logical sense, considering the right brand with the right influencer can boost conversion exponentially.

Moving deeper into influencer marketing, many brands are choosing to seek out micro-influencers, which means having follower numbers in the thousands. The target audiences here are smaller, but they’re often more rewarding because the influencer is much more active and engaging.

Snappy Video Marketing

Video marketing exploded with the rise of TikTok and people’s desire to consume content without reading. However, people enjoy snappy videos they can absorb while in quick bursts. This isn’t anything new – you only need to look back at how successful Vine was, which allowed creators to post 6-second videos.

Digital marketing has been an important component of brand success for many years now, but the way it’s carried out changes all the time, including through artificial intelligence. The trends outlined above only scrape the surface, but it gives you a small snapshot of things to come in 2023 and beyond. Fortunately, all the information you need to make right choices is available for you on the internet. Take into account all that we highlighted in this article and you will surely make the right steps in 2023.

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