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5 Major Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

Garage doors are quite an expensive investment that most homeowners only need to purchase a couple of times in their life. It is also one of the most visible aspects of a home, which is why it’s crucial to buy the right one.

Buying a high-quality garage can also significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. But with so many manufacturers to choose from, picking just one can seem almost impossible.

So here are some factors you need to ensure when deciding which garage door to buy, to make shopping easier for you.

Avoid Shopping For it Online

While ordering anything online can be quite convenient most times, purchasing something as important as a garage door is taking a huge gamble. One of the many reasons for this is that each garage door is different, so one that you buy online might not fit perfectly. You’re better off getting an in-person assessment from an expert.

A professional can check your current space and tell you the best option for you after considering the opening shape, size, and side clearance of your garage.

Check For High Safety Ratings

Garage doors are heavy machines and due to their weight, even a slightly faulty opening and closing mechanism that causes it to slam down could lead to fatal casualties. That’s why safety should be a major priority to check for when buying one.

While every garage door company provides similar safety features, some do it better than others. Only buy your garage door from a reputable manufacturer with high safety ratings and satisfied customer reviews.

Consider Your Climatic Conditions

The garage door material you choose will significantly depend on the climatic conditions of the region you live in. Some of the options you will have include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

Steel is the most commonly used material for garage doors, especially due to its cheap price. But in a moist and humid climate where it could collect rust faster, steel is the worst choice to pick. Alternatively, rust-resistant aluminum is a great alternative to steel for more humid areas.

Choose the Right Windows

Almost every homeowner will agree that a garage door with windows just looks better. But in addition to adding to the door’s appeal, it brings in natural light to the interior of the garage and can insulate it better. But knowing what kind of windows to choose is crucial.

For instance, if you have a heated garage room, you’ll need to get insulated glass windows. Additionally, it’s recommended to install the windows higher up, to ensure privacy and security.

Know How Much Maintenance You’ll Need

One factor that most people forget is that certain types of garage doors require more maintenance than others. For instance, moisture damage is a big problem for wooden garage doors. So, you’ll need to get preventative maintenance to ensure protection against moisture.

While a high-quality garage door might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, homeowners soon after purchasing a cheap one realize how expensive it is to get a garage door repair service since it breaks down more often.

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