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5 Major Brand Benefits of Digital Asset Management

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Most companies are constantly producing digital assets: websites, audiovisual media, spreadsheets, logos, marketing materials, and much more. Not only are juggling a myriad of assets, but you’re also dealing with several different marketing channels. Additionally, as the number of players and channels involved within your marketing chain increase, losing control and the overview of these assets increases as well. 

Digital assets are very valuable and crucial to the brand identity and marketing of any organization. Leaving them unmanaged will negatively affect your ROI and productivity. This is where digital asset management comes into play. Digital asset management (DAM) is the centralization, administration, and distribution of digital assets in a systematic way to strengthen brand equity across all channels.

With the rise and advancement of big data, digital asset management systems are helping brands not only increase efficiency and productivity through automation, but also get the best ROI and make smarter investments. Here’s how your brand can benefit:

Consistent Brand Image

Branding is a crucial part of any business. As you seek to achieve your goals as a company, your brand needs to maintain a consistent approach to everything, from start to finish. It’s almost impossible to build trust with customers with an inconsistent brand. Digital asset management allows companies to maintain brand equity across all channels, physical or online. The centralization and standardization of your company’s digital assets through DAM ensures there’s consistency and correct storage of files. This also helps maintain the integrity of files.

The digital assets consistently follow the same pattern, when being distributed across different physical outlets and channels.  Furthermore, the company is able to maintain the same version and quality of all digital assets in all your platforms and channels. There’s no two ways around it; consistency and integrity are essential for an effective and strong brand image. 

Better Performance in Organic Search

In addition to keeping track of files, a DAM solution stores metadata which is easily accessible and can be customized for reading or modification. You may wonder how metadata has anything to do with your brand. Well, this is very important for your marketing team. Metadata, in this case, refers to the enriched and embedded information about each of your digital files: specific keywords, categories, technical specs, origin, and copyright.

Metadata makes it easier to tag digital content across the various channels of your company, creating an enhanced system of organization and order. Moreover, it helps your marketing team to create optimized versions of your digital assets. This improves the organic search performance of the assets and boosts your SEO ranking.  Allocating metadata information and entering data about your digital assets might require some work. However, its impact on your ROI and productivity during ongoing business makes it worth every effort.

Information Security and Controlled Access

Your brand protection strategy should focus on mitigating risk and safeguarding your business organization from damage to reputation and loss of customer trust. With increased competition, countless players in companies’ marketing strategy and lack of information security when distributing digital assets, sustaining a strong brand has become quite a challenge for most companies today. 

All the players involved in your brand marketing strategy need to convey the same version of your most up-to-date assets by all means. With a digital asset management platform, you can distribute and manage access to your digital assets by defining and restricting player access to any content. This ensures the distribution of content without compromising information security.

Seamless Communication and Sharing of Information

It’s common knowledge that getting employees to work together as a team will reduce redundancies in the workflow and improve efficiency and productivity in the company. Whether your company has a local or global team, a DAMN ensures seamless sharing of information since every employee and department can access the right digital assets anytime, anywhere. 

There’s no need for an employee to move from one department to the other or shout across the office requesting for any assets. As the brand manager, your work is to sit back and see how the different teams are communicating within the portal and effectively collaborating with each other. No need to worry about slow updates or miscommunication within your company!

Cost, Resources, and Time Savings

With a proper platform, your company can improve team coordination, reduce the volume of misplaced and unused digital assets, and achieve faster processes. In many companies, where asset management is done manually, more people are used to maintain and operate the process. 

Digital Asset Management can drastically reduce the head count used in maintaining and operating the manual process with requests like the email access profile approval management. Migrating your site or changing the format of your files is much easier, faster, and cheaper with a DAM program. As a brand you can save time, resources, and money with Digital Asset Management.

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