5 Mac Usage Habits You Must Embrace Right Now


Mac devices are the best ones to own as they come packed with top-notch features and functionalities. You can do more with less and be as productive as you want to be. These devices excel on the performance and security front as well. Not to mention, their premium looks and feel can make them stand apart. But you have to do your bit to get the best from your Mac. It need not be a humongous effort, as embracing some simple usage habits is enough to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Here are the ones you can pick right now.

Take shortcuts 

Apple offers an incredible range of keyboard shortcuts that can enhance your speed and productivity. You can explore the whole range of shortcuts and integrate them into everyday tasks. macOS even allows you to create your own shortcuts or modify them according to your convenience. Get started with your shortcut journey, and you will be a lot faster at work. 

Save your searches

If you have to search often, you need not fritter away time running common ones over and over again. With Mac, you can save your searches in Smart Folders that constantly update search results in them. You only have to run a search in Finder as usual in the search box at the top right. Set it up and save it with a name so that you can access it later from the Sidebar with one click. 

Keep the device clean and light

Even as Mac devices excel on the performance front, they can slow down when you have too many files and folders in them. Keeping your device clean and light is the best usage habit to embrace. You can use cleaner apps to maintain device hygiene. A cleaner app helps you identify junk and duplicate files in different locations and purge them at once. Apart from regular cleanups with a cleaner, make sure you avoid saving and retaining redundant files on your device. 

Declutter and organize

Clearing the extra load from your computer is half the work done. You can do the rest by adopting a “declutter and organize” routine for your Mac. A cluttered desktop is the worst thing to have, so it is the best place to start with the declutter project. Stack the files neatly in folders and organize them on the desktop. Your device screen looks good, and it becomes a lot easier to access files later.

Remove distractions

Another usage habit every Mac user should adopt is to avoid distractions while working. Distractions like notifications and open tabs can lower your productivity and stress you out. Luckily, a few simple hacks can eliminate them completely.  As a rule, you must keep one or two windows open on your Mac and focus on the primary task. Turn off the notification and remove the top bar for a clean experience.  

Mac users can max their productivity with these simple everyday habits. Pick them sooner rather than later, and do more with less. 

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