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5 Life Events That Leave You No Choice But to Take Out a Loan

5 Life Events That Leave You No Choice But to Take Out a Loan

Life can get tough sometimes, and things can happen that will make you desperate for extra cash. When these happen, you can run to an authorised money lender in Singapore to cover your needs.

Here are five circumstances that may compel you to take out a loan.

Medical emergencies

Health conditions follow no timeframe, and they can hit you even while you are financially struggling. Even if you have a sizable amount of savings, it may not be enough to cover a large and unexpected medical bill. If you have no other way to afford paying for hospitalisation, you may have no choice but to take out an urgent loan.

Urgent loans give you a quick and easy way to have the extra cash you need. Minimal documentation is needed, and you can get approved right away. With this, you can immediately have money on hand for medications, doctors’ fees, and other medical expenses.

Home repairs and renovation

Sometimes, an important part of your home can break down and need immediate repair. Suppose that an earthquake just occurred, and one of the load-bearing walls was damaged. That wall needs to be fixed urgently; otherwise, the house could collapse. If you lack the money for a major repair like this, you can get a loan for it.

Job loss

In today’s volatile economy, companies regularly restructure and often lay off some of their staff. Being laid off from your job will make you lose your main source of income. If you do not have adequate savings or an emergency fund, providing for you and your family’s needs will be difficult. You may try to borrow from friends and family, but you can’t guarantee that they will lend you as much as you need.

In this situation, you can turn to a loan to help you out. If you explain your situation to lenders, you may be able to negotiate interest rates and repayment terms.

House fire

When your house burns down, you can lose everything you own in an instant. Bouncing back from a house fire can be nearly impossible without financial help. Again, you may get help from friends and family, but the money they lend you may not be enough to get you back up on your feet.

A loan can be more helpful in these circumstances. You can borrow more money from lenders – even as much money as you need to relocate and start over.


In today’s era of electronic payments, getting scammed is a real threat. In the worst case, all of your money in the bank can be stolen, and it may not be possible to recover it. With all of your money gone, you will certainly need financial help to get back up.

If your financial needs are large and immediate, taking out a loan can save your skin.


Sometimes, life can give you unfortunate circumstances that can drain all of your money. Not just that, but you may need more money than you now have. For cases like a sudden hospitalisation, theft, house fire, job loss, or home repair, an urgent loan can be a big helping hand. Find an authorised money lender in Singapore to apply for such a loan.

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