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5 Key Steps to Pass the Salesforce CPQ Certification Exam

Salesforce CPQ or (Configure, Price, Quote) is a popular tool widely used by sales teams. We will discuss why it is so widely used in the next section of this blog as we dive into an oft-asked question – what is Salesforce CPQ?

It is not possible to give an answer to how long it will take for you to completely learn your way around this tool. However, it is certainly possible to guide on how to make it happen. In this blog, we are going to cover the 5 key steps to pass the Salesforce CPQ certification exam. Let’s begin.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

As mentioned above, Salesforce CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. It is a powerful suite of tools that has been crafted to aid sales teams in streamlining and simplifying the otherwise complicated process of quoting and configuring products.

5 Steps to Ace the Salesforce CPQ Certification Exam

Earning the tag of an expert comes down to passing the Salesforce CPQ certification exam. Here is how you can make it happen.

  • Review the Exam Guide 

When you set out to study for the Salesforce CPQ Specialist exam, you should begin by reviewing the exam guide. This entails completely understanding the topics covered, along with what proportion of the exam they will be. Additionally, you should take time to understand the exam structure, format, duration, and languages in which it is offered.

  • Resort to Relevant Study Materials

We advise you to turn towards the plenty of relevant study materials available online, both paid and free. These include-

  • Salesforce CPQ Training Online – Choosing an apt Salesforce CPQ training is essential to get your hands on the right resources and curriculum. Learning under the mentorship of seasoned industry professionals will ensure you gain all relevant industry knowledge and skills.
  • Salesforce CPQ Tutorial – There are plenty of free online Salesforce CPQ tutorial that can help you get started. Tutorials are a good way to keep yourself updated on the latest changes and additions.
  • Official Salesforce Documentation – Salesforce is known for providing a good span of documentation to anyone who wishes to get started. This documentation will give you enough information to begin and even get upto date on anything new happening.
  • Time Management During the Preparation

When you start preparing, keep in mind the time you are spending doing it. Whether it is learning something new or tracking progress, time management is a crucial aspect of finding success. Optimize the time you have in your hand for maximum outcome.

  • Create a study plan – It is important that you construct a study plan, segregating time for each topic, resource where you will learn it from, and leave time for practice. This will allow you to maximize output from the limited amount of time. 
  • Utilize different study resources and materials – As mentioned above, there are different study resources and materials, and you should make the most of them. 
  • Go from most important to least important – Depending upon the topic weightage, devote different amounts of time to different topics. Begin with the ones that hold more importance and cover a major portion of the associated exam. 
  • Take breaks – When you create a study plan, do not forget to add in proper breaks and time off. This will keep you motivated without burning you out. 
  • Track your progress – You will not know what you have learned so far and what is left if you do not track your progress. Take a note of aspects that need to be worked upon.
  • Join Associated Communities

Community help is much needed, especially when you find yourself in deep waters. Additionally, it will also help you learn from what others are doing, what problems professionals are facing, and how they are solving it.

  • Take Practice Tests

Practice tests will help you take a look at your progress, your strong points, weak points, and time management during the actual exam. 


Start preparing for your Salesforce CPQ certification exam by noting down these important points. Do not hesitate in taking the help of professionals as they have a lot more experience and knowledge than you in this specific field.

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