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5 Key Steps to Effective High Ticket Virtual Selling

Blue Stride strives to help businesses develop and implement holistic and interdisciplinary virtual selling strategies that deliver highly effective results in this new virtual world. The Virtual Method is a pragmatic approach to remote selling, which improves sales conversion rates,  increases sales revenue, reduces sales acquisition costs,  and assists businesses towards achieving a virtual selling competitive advantage. Businesses can significantly improve their remote selling  capabilities, without losing hundreds and thousands of dollars in trial and error, by implementing these 5 key steps:

1) Implement a Virtual Selling Process

The aim of the virtual selling process is to ensure the optimization of your sales processes and to make every step as easy as possible. This includes removing any obstacles that might hinder the sale.

2) The Virtual Story & the Customer Journey

The story is a critical part of your customer’s journey and telling your story digitally while getting the client to relate could be very challenging. Successful virtual sellers can break that barrier by excelling in the art of digital storytelling.

3) Your Virtual Selling Technologies

To ensure that your business will achieve its highest potential of winning sales, consider utilizing and implementing technologies that rate high in usability, provide an engaging and elaborate experience throughout the entirety of your process. To learn more about the Virtual Method and Blue Stride Sales and Marketing Solutions, consider visiting:

4) Your Virtual Selling Key Performance Indicators

Identify the KPIs that are crucial to your sales performance. When it comes to virtual sales, an example of an area that must be monitored and optimized is “virtual meetings” that are booked vs “virtual meetings” that are engaged through a presentation or video call. Small optimizations in this one key area could lead to a significant increase in revenue.

5) Your Virtual Sales Training

It is critical to establish the proper scalability, consistency, and delivery of the virtual messages and offers you are presenting to your customers, especially as the expansion of your team and network grows. Furthermore, virtual selling and the Blue Stride method can provide you and your business with the flexibility and fast implementation that you need. The virtual realm is a borderless community that will enable your business the unique potential of scaling to a wider reach than ever thought possible.

Virtual selling is a great way to ensure that your business remains scalable by having a greater potential to increase your profit margin. Remote selling and the virtual marketplace offer unique opportunities that were otherwise not available with in-person sales strategies. Why not consider expanding your reach, reducing your costs per sale and increasing your sales efficiency with a solid virtual sales strategy?

Consider adapting to virtual sales and implementing effective strategies that will help you, and your business increase your high-ticket sales while reducing sales costs.

The lack of a virtual selling strategy can be detrimental to your business. The following issues can arise:  higher sales costs, loss of market share, a weak digital competitive advantage, and much more. It is crucial to implement effective, strategic, and reliable methodologies in the development and processes of your business to prevent loss – and this should be considered now more than ever, especially given the transition to the virtual realm because of the Pandemic. To avoid any setbacks before it becomes too late, consider implementing a virtual selling strategy that allows you to consider the needs of your customers while ensuring that your business thrives.

About The Blue Stride Method

The Blue Stride Method was created to prepare you and your business to be highly effective in high ticket virtual selling, as well as gaining a digital competitive advantage that will allow you to outperform your competition. Consider booking your free virtual strategy session with us today and take one step closer to implementing your effective virtual selling strategy. BlueStride | Sales and marketing solutions (

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