5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Community Pharmacy Location

It is important to select the site of a community pharmacy since it determines its performance. However, the following are some of the issues that have to be considered so that the pharmacy can effectively operate and meet its set goals and objectives of serving its community and making profits. This article will elaborate on the five principles for choosing an appropriate location for a community pharmacy, which will be useful for pharmacy placement and development strategies.

Demographic Analysis

A demographic characteristic of the locale is a crucial consideration to make in the selection of a location for a community pharmacy. This makes it easier to establish the level of population that is within that certain age bracket and whether their income levels are high enough to afford the services of a pharmacy, among other factors. For example, the percentage of older adults in an area may be higher than in different places, so there may be a higher demand for drugs and medical services. Demographic analysis makes it easier to identify the various needs of the community to which the pharmacy caters.

Accessibility and Visibility

To be successful in its operations, every company needs to have its outlet easily identifiable and accessible to customers. A community pharmacy should be conveniently located in a particular area such that it can be easily accessed by the residents, preferably located near the main roads, transport facilities, or a shopping complex. High-traffic areas for feet encourage more people to walk in the store. Also, the pharmacy needs to be marked well so that people walking on the street can quickly notice the existence of the pharmacy. Accessibility is also a factor that should be taken into consideration to ensure that there are adequate parking spaces for customers with personal cars. Accessibility dramatically affects the success of the pharmacy, and placing it in a location that is easily noticeable and accessible is essential.

Competition and Market Saturation

Another factor that must be considered is the level of competition in the selected location. New entrants in the market should avoid areas where there are already too many established pharmacies because it will take more work to compete with already established businesses. On the basis of analyzing the competition, it becomes possible to determine the deficiencies which the new pharmacy may cover. Some of the strategies that could be implemented include increasing service offerings such as compounding, home delivery, and longer operating hours. To be able to do this, it becomes essential to understand the level of competition in the market so that the pharmacy can be in a position to create a niche for itself in the market and be able to attract many customers.

Proximity to Healthcare Providers

The accessibility of the community pharmacy to other healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices is another factor that should be considered. They include the fact that proximity to healthcare facilities can help increase the prescription of medicines as well as create symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial to the patients and the providers. Retailers may use this strategy to attract customers to change their buying behavior to frequent a particular pharmacy as they pick up their medications from the nearby clinic. Another way to improve the pharmacy could be the establishment of good relations with the local healthcare providers, which would also help to establish a good image and expand the list of services offered.

Community Integration and Support

Thus, a thriving community pharmacy recruitment needs to be a part of the community and secure its approval. Organizing community meetings and events, providing health education programs, and collaborating with community groups can play an essential role in establishing relationships with the community. When recruiting for the pharmacy, special attention should be paid to employees able and willing to connect with the target population. The primary method of generating goodwill is through participation in community affairs and offering excellent customer services that compel customers to come back for more business.


Location decision is one of the most critical strategic choices in community pharmacy business, and the following factors must be considered. Some of the factors that would be important for the pharmacy include Demographics, facility access and exposure, competition and market density, distance to medical facilities, and integration with the community. Through careful analysis of these aspects, the owners and managers of the pharmacies can make the right choices with regard to their businesses to increase the likelihood of future growth and profitability. Another important aspect is also recruitment of staff at the pharmacy to ensure that staff members are qualified and also focused on the community aspects. These are the following ways in which a community pharmacy can be positioned for continued success: The location of the pharmacy plays a significant role in determining its success or failure.

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