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5 jobs the will never fire you

Getting fired from your job is one of the most painful things that can happen to you as aprovider. The pain is unbearable. The day I got fired from my job after 7 years of service, I felt like my life. My job is the only income my family has, my wife doesn’t work and my two kids of 4 and 6 years are too young to care for themselves. So when it comes to losing a job, I know the feeling because I have gone through the same situation before.

That’s why it’s so important to learn how to keep a job or get yourself a job that can never fire you. I will be listing some of those here in this short article, so seat tight.Keeping a job, how do job keepers do it ?

This is very important, most people see their job as their life, it doesn’t actually sound good but that’s the truth. Their life depends on their job, because that’s their only source of income and their whole life expenses depend on that job.

This is where the need to keep a job comes in, keeping a job is really not a hard thing to do. All you have to do is obey the rules, be are some important facts to keep in mind while in your job keeping quest.

Perform your job duties to the best of your ability: This means completing your tasks on time and to the best of your ability. Consistently performing well will show your employer that you area valuable member of the team.

Be reliable and punctual: Show up to work on time and don’t miss work unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you need time off, make sure to request it in advance and follow your company’s procedures.

Communicate effectively: Keep your employer updated on your progress and any issues that may arise. Respond promptly to emails and phone calls.Be a team player: Work well with others and be willing to help out when needed. Show respect to your coworkers and collaborate to achieve common goals.

Take initiative: Look for ways to improve processes or take on additional responsibilities. This shows your employer that you are invested in your job and willing to go above and beyond. Maintain a positive attitude: Be enthusiastic about your job and the company’s mission. Stay professional and avoid negative comments or gossip.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of keeping your job and potentially advancing in your career. On the other hand, you can also get a job that you can never get fired at. Below I will list out some.

Loob: One of a kind, this is a great mobile app based business and the opportunities they offer is a type that makes you more cash than your full time job. The app automatically doubles up your cash if you have good reviews from customers.

More about this company; Loob is a mobile app based cleaning company that hires individuals,tutor them on how to clean, send out equipment to them and start sending cleaning task notifications.

Maybe not very popular, but Loob has been around for some time, and their pay is very rich.The most interesting thing about working with this company is, you don’t have to have a cleaning experience, all you need to be willing to learn and make sure to watch all their tutorial videos. Their mobile app also lets you set your schedule yourself. To apply to work for this company, go here.

Uber driving app: Very popular you must have already known about Uber, the driving app that lets you either make money with your own car or rent a car and pay weekly or monthly.Uber has been around for a while, and their drivers program is one of the best. I myself still drive with the Uber app till date. Uber lets you set your schedule yourself. Uber also has a food delivery app called ‘Uber Eat’. Used for Uber food delivery tasks. Click here to apply for Uber.

Lyft driver: Same as Uber, Lyft lets you set your schedule yourself, with Lyft you can drive with your own car or rent out a car from Lyft for your driving task. The app also has a food section, so you have two options: either pick up passengers or deliver food. Apply for Lyft here.

DoorDash food delivery: Another interesting job that lets you make cash just by picking up people’s food and making sure they get their food, DoorDash is more popular in western countries. Like Loob, with DoorDash you don’t necessarily need to have a car, you can still make money picking up orders within your reach. To apply to DoorDash go here.

Postmate: Food delivery app, good pay and very dependable. Postmate is more popular in western countries and has been around for a while. Postmate has the same functionality as Door dash, Uber eat and Lyft eat. Go here to apply to post mates.

Fiverr: You must have already heard about Fiverr before, the place where students, businesses owners and regular individuals go to get the professional jobs done. Fiverr is a gig website, their services vary from transcription, essay writing, video creation and so on, fiverr offer almost all tech related gigs. Go here to view what all they offer and how you can get into the application

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