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5 Jobs That Will Boom In The Post-AI Era

We know that maybe by now, you are a bit tired of hearing about AI all the time, but it won’t get better. 

As AI is now compared to the internet’s breakout, as more and more outlets rushed to cover the latest on the “World Wide Web,” AI, in 2023, is doing the same.

But just like the birth internet took some jobs away and created new ones, AI is doing the same. It’s too early to say which jobs will disappear altogether, but we at Expoint have been closely monitoring and seeing growth in other areas. 

Here are a few of them:

1. Customer service and support: As AI grows, it can automate systems that will decrease the need for human customers and support. But in a strange twist, as AI is used more often, it will require human monitoring to ensure everything works correctly. Working with AI systems will become more common, and more humans will be needed to support the systems to meet customer needs.

2. Data analysts and scientists: A data scientist deals with vast and complex datasets daily, which he then translates into actionable insights. A data analyst prepares data for machine learning platforms and models and builds meaningful reports from results. As AI increases the data gathered, we need to analyze and interpret more of it. Both roles can now use the help of AI to streamline the process. Whether getting insights faster or learning how to create better reports, there’s an AI tool for that.

3. Cybersecurity professionals and researchers: As more companies rely on AI systems to store and process sensitive data and integrate it into their systems, the demand for cybersecurity professionals and researchers will increase. The dangers of LLM platforms relying on Machine Learning aren’t so apparent, as these professionals will need to understand the safest use to ensure these systems are secure. We are also likely to see new security threats and must adjust accordingly to protect against them.

4. Software engineers: Software engineering is another job that will see significant growth in the era of AI. As AI systems fill the market, software engineers require to design, develop, maintain, and restrict the systems that enable them. Of course, they will need to be proficient in areas including programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and machine learning. Also, if we start using AI daily, we need someone to monitor, optimize, and keep us safe continuously.

5. AI trainers and prompt engineers: It’s a brand new world; as AI systems become more dominant, individuals who can train and explain these systems to others are required. This new job requires a deep understanding of how AI systems, or a specific platform used by the organization, work and how to communicate with it in the best and most efficient way possible. Time is money, as AI saves us a lot of time. These new workers aim to do it faster and cheaper, at least for the company, as they will likely demand high salaries and possess unique expertise.


As we rely on and implement AI, bots, and generative platforms more and more, we need to monitor, develop, audit, and secure ourselves in ways we didn’t think we needed before. 

We are creating more jobs and demands for more competent people and people with more experience with AI to help us reach our goals. At Expoint, we want to tell you to keep an eye on the “AI trainers and prompt engineers,” as it requires no official knowledge of code or “proper” engineering but will likely be in the highest demand very soon.

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