5 Important Social Media Platforms That Will Be Big In 2023

5 Important Social Media Platforms That Will Be Big In 2023

Social media is a crucial part of modern life. People use it to communicate with friends and family, keep up with current events, and even grow their businesses. However, Americans’ approval of social media platforms has taken a hit in recent years. According to a Washington Post poll conducted in November 2021, internet users in the U.S. are largely distrustful of Facebook, with 72% of users saying they do not trust the company to handle their personal information and data responsibly. Similarly, 60% of users do not trust TikTok and Instagram’s ability to handle their data responsibly, and 82% of users find the targeted online ads that are such a part of social media platforms to be annoying, invasive, and not helpful.

5 Important Social Media Platforms That Will Be Big In 2023

Source: Washington Post

GA Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics has an interesting perspective on privacy. The practice has found that people are more and more aware of the need to look good, and improve their dental health and facial aesthetics, but, unlike in previous years where that was driven by a desire to look good on social media, more and more people are shying away from traditional social media platforms. There is a growing sense that if people are to be on social media, it should be less toxic, more private and more secure. In light of these developments, people are now seeking social media platforms that prioritize privacy and security. This is where a new generation of social media platforms is stepping up to the plate. These platforms are responding to the need for private and secure communication, with some offering ad-free environments, others fostering meaningful conversations, and still others promoting authentic content.

Let’s take a closer look at five social media platforms that are poised to make big waves in 2023:


True is a social app that launched in August 2022 with the aim of offering users a private and ad-free space. The app allows users to communicate using public or private threads. Private threads are the core offering and can be between two people or hundreds of people, but the creator of a thread can only invite people into it one by one. Private threads can’t be found through an online search or by other users on the app. The app’s private threads will never support any ads, and the ads currently shown in the public threads are based on a user’s areas of interest. True has already received $15 million in funding from Paul Maritz, a former executive vice president at Microsoft, and now has over 10,000 users.


BeReal is a photo app that encourages users to post an unedited and unfiltered image once a day. The app is primarily used by adults aged 18-24 and has been installed over 20 million times. BeReal only allows users to see photos posted by their friends, giving people more control over who sees their content. Brands are forced to find more innovative and less invasive approaches to marketing as the app explicitly prohibits accounts from using it for ads.


Mastodon is an ad-free microblogging platform that has seen a surge in popularity since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022. The platform was launched by German software developer Eugen Rochko in October 2016 and has over one million active users as of November 2022. Mastodon’s open-source software runs on multiple servers, each with its own set of privacy policies, community guidelines, and privacy options. Brands and business owners who join Mastodon tend to take a community-first approach to marketing, working to genuinely connect with their target audience.


Post is a Twitter alternative launched in November 2022 by Noam Bardin, the former CEO of Google subsidiary Waze. The platform aims to foster meaningful and respectful discussions among friends, strangers, leaders, and subject matter experts. It also plans to launch a news-only feed that will feature articles from premium publishers, allowing users to easily browse the latest news. Post intends to use micropayments to monetize the news stories and reward highly engaged users, rather than relying on ads.


Niche is a social media platform founded by social media expert Zaven Nahapetyan. Niche is part of the growing Web3 movement and offers users a secure and private environment to connect and share content.


In conclusion, there are many social media platforms that are poised to be big in 2023, each offering unique features and benefits to users. Whether you’re looking for a platform that prioritizes privacy and security, one that promotes authentic content, or one that fosters meaningful conversations, there’s sure to be a platform that meets your needs.

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