5 Important Reasons why you need a Backup Service, even if you’re using Office 365

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Enterprises around the world continue to move key applications to the cloud. But the speed and scope of migration present new challenges regarding data protection, service delivery, and compliance. Contrary to popular belief, Office 365 and other software-as-a-service models provide no real internal backup solutions.

While Microsoft has sound internal security and is capable of managing Office 365 infrastructure, third-party Office 365 backup services are needed to ensure comprehensive data protection and compliance. Let’s take a look at 5 important reasons why you need a dedicated backup service when you’re using Office 365.

  • Protection against internal accidents and threats

Regardless of how careful you are with your company data, accidents can and do happen. A backup service can restore data and services quickly with minimum disruption, either to the on-premise Exchange or the Office 365 cloud network. In addition, dedicated Office 365 Backup Solutions can protect you against internal security threats and manage the risk of malicious data loss or destruction.

  • Protection against external security threats

Along with internal security threats, many businesses have experienced a rise in viruses, malware, data theft, and other security threats from the outside. Microsoft and other cloud suites do have some security controls, but they’re not robust or reliable enough to handle every case scenario. Having access to a high-grade, third-party backup service is the best way to reduce your exposure and control the risks associated with data loss and destruction.

  • Legal and compliance obligations

In addition to running a business and ensuring access to key data and services, companies have a responsibility to meet certain legal and compliance obligations.

A cloud backup service allows you to retrieve vital data instantly and with minimal disruption to critical business systems.

Whether it’s recovering user data for law enforcement, accessing your mailbox during legal action, or meeting regulatory compliance standards, dedicated cloud backup makes it easier to meet your responsibilities. With the help of third-party service, team members can access retrieved data on Windows Cloud PC using any device, from anywhere.

  • Retention and recovery management

Cloud-based services are popular for many reasons, with MS Office 365 and other solutions featuring better integration between applications, more efficient data exchange and delivery, and the ability to utilize transparent services regardless of location.

Many of these advantages come at a cost, however, with enterprises losing control over data retention and recovery.

While Office 365 does have its retention policies, they are ever-changing and difficult to manage. You can have the best of both worlds with O365 backup solutions that provide you with complete control over data retention and recovery management.

  • Managing the migration process

With more businesses moving to the cloud, the migration process is often presented as a seamless and natural transition. Whether you want a dedicated cloud solution or a mix of Office 365 and on-premises services, backup solutions like Apps4Rent allow you to protect and manage your data during and after the transition in a way that makes the source location irrelevant.


Apps4Rent is the topmost Office 365 backup solution that provides your organization with full coverage, meaning that regardless of what might happen – whether external, accidental, or an inside job – your critical data is always available and secure with industry-leading protection. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provide Azure Cloud Backup Services and helps their customers 24/7/365 which makes them ideal partners to select for the service.

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