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5 Home Remedies to Keep Birds Away from Your Homes

Birds are a beautiful sight to see, but not always. Birds can be beneficial in certain ways, such as feeding on predator insects and consuming the seeds of weed species that can outpace your garden; nevertheless, birds can also be destructive pests by ingesting your garden produce, causing structural damage, and leaving droppings that are harmful to your family’s health.

Knowing what attracts nuisance birds is the foremost step toward preventing them. Crows, starlings, sparrows, pigeons get lured by the available food in and around your home. Woodpeckers are another common nuisance bird that will keep drilling through your trees until they find beetles, carpenter ants and other insects. Birds are also drawn to pet food that is frequently left. Also just like humans, they require water and will use the water sources like fountains on your property. 

Whilst you have professional Bird Nesting Control in Sydney to rely on, here are some bird control solutions that you can try at home all by yourself. 

  1. Change Their Habitats 

Birds will seldom visit your yard if there is nothing to attract them. The majority of them need freshwater to be able to survive. Replace freshwater with saltwater in your fountains to prevent birds from drinking from them. Ensure that you either cover or remove your pets’ food and water dishes immediately once they are done if you feed them outside. Ensure that pet food is stored in enclosed storage jars. Birds also tend to hide in grass and other areas, especially in unfavourable weather. To help reduce cover, keep the grass mowed and the trees and hedges trimmed. If you see some bird pests constructing a nest, dismantle it with a long stick. After a few repetitions, the bird will fly to a new place to rebuild. If the bird has already built or occupied the nest, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Each state has laws governing the removal of bird nests. Get in touch with a Pest Control company to assist you in properly removing or relocating the bird nest in question. 

  1. Aluminized Foil 

Aluminium foil is a simple and inexpensive natural bird repellent. You can use aluminium foil to keep the pest birds at bay in a variety of ways. If they are causing problems in your garden, you can put strips of aluminium foil under the soil’s surface or around the plants that are bothering them. Birds dislike the feel of the foil in their beaks and will avoid it. Moreover because of the sun, the shiny surfaces will be reflected thus irritating their eyes, discouraging them from approaching. If you see woodpeckers, hang an aluminium pie plate. The woodpeckers will be scared off by the plate’s reflection.

  1. Use of Fishing Wire 

If birds have been seen continuously near or in the pool, try crisscrossing fishing wire high above the pool. You can keep them hanging between two trees or from any other elevated point you can think of. The birds dislike the restriction on their flying space and will find another place to land. As an added bonus, this deterrent won’t be visible from the ground, so it won’t spoil the entire look of your background area. 

  1. Use of Baking soda 

Sprinkling baking soda is another beneficial way of keeping pest birds like pigeons and starling birds away. Sprinkle on the areas they perch. Birds dislike the sensation of baking soda beneath their toes and will prevent them from standing on it in any case. Instead of baking soda, you can use double-sided duct tape.

  1. Instil Predator Decoys

If birds are a nuisance in your deck, pool or garden area, you can scare them away with a predator decoy from your nearby hardware store. When birds fly, they will notice the decoys you use and will avoid landing near it. Do ensure to rotate your decoys frequently or the birds will become accustomed to them and realise they aren’t real. 

The use of deterrents will help you avoid the problem of bird infestation at large. It is important to take active action immediately.  If none of these methods works or if you already have a bird problem, contact a Pest Control Pearl Beach company as soon as possible.  

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest control company in Sydney that can help you with the best bird control solutions. At affordable rates, you can get effective solutions with guaranteed results. If you are looking for one, give us a call right away. Our experts will get back to you in no time and will also book a same-day appointment at the earliest. For an obligation-free quote, give us a call at 0480032290.  

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