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5 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Recruiters

To thrive in the “new normal” economy, sales recruiters need to recruit and manage a highly competent sales force that can keep up with the ever-changing market. Sales managers apply the best tactics to find and hire sales talent. The high beam headlight is on the sales leaders to boost sales, increase revenue, or to put it simply, save the day.

A person does not necessarily need a background in HR to succeed but enthusiasm and willingness to learn. The sales department offers a wide variety of challenges, therefore, a sales recruiter needs to develop good habits to be successful and stay on top of the workload.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Sales Recruiter

Following 5 habits can make a sales recruiter successful and help manage the sales force better.

Being Organized

Sales recruiter has plenty of stuff to do daily, so, being organized and keeping a calendar lets you track the status of daily tasks. A sales recruiter can get done more tasks in a day by organizing the day-to-day operations.

Instead of juggling all the balls, you have in the air i.e position details, hiring managers, candidates, interviews, phone calls, and meetings, so, keep a calendar to prioritize important tasks. 

Spend More Time As a Recruiter

8 hours a day at the office is just not enough for a recruiter, especially new sales leaders who are “learning on the job”. A recruiter is always juggling with the clock to do plenty of tasks like scanning applications, profile-matching, conducting interviews, etc.

With showers of texts and emails, it is easy to get lost in infinite scrolling and candidate hunting. Dedicate a part of the day by maximizing your time as a recruiter to check and reply to emails as well as plan your day ahead. Moreover, stay updated with the ever-changing recruiting trends to devise new strategies.


Networking or expanding your circle is an old technique, however, still relevant. With a large network, you can easily crack the right candidate without searching much. To expand your network, be more active on LinkedIn, local recruitment meets, and recruitment drives to meet local talent and professionals. 

Communicating With the Team

Make a habit of communicating with all the reps, managers, and support staff regularly to make sure goals, priorities, and expectations are clearly understood by the sales force. 

Keep the team highly motivated with bonuses and rewards, ask about any obstacles encountered by the team, and help them eliminate all the difficulties impeding the selling success.

Think of Your Future

Think long-term, avoid making choices that contrarily affect the business revenue or reputation in the future. Do not settle for decisions that only provide short-term benefits and do not help businesses in the long term.


Recruiting may seem like a thankless and difficult career choice, however, with good practice and habits, one can be a high-performance recruiter. Being the best in the field gives you leverage over the competition, making every employer want to hire you. 


Vasid Qureshi is an Independent journalist, entrepreneur, digital markter marketer, and press release publisher. You can follow him on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @vasidq

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