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5 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids 

Ah, summer! Such a season of endless possibilities. Long, hot days – cold drinks by the pool. Running around at the beach and staying up late to enjoy every last moment of good weather. However, there does come the odd day when it feels like there’s nothing to do and that having some good ideas for fun, outdoor activities would be a great thing to have. 

Help is at hand, so never fear. Here are five outdoor activities to try this summer, if inspiration is lacking! Read on… 

Adventure park adrenalin rush

There’s nothing quite like having a day at an adventure park. Trying out lots of new activities like zip wires and rock climbing, and taking long walks on trails can be just the tonic if lying on beaches has become a bit wearisome. It’s sometimes good to take a break from the norm and do something out of the ordinary that gets your heart racing that bit faster – in an awesome way!

At home? Be a tourist…

How many people can honestly say they ever take the time to properly know where they live? Sure, they have hangouts and places they go to regularly for fun and games, but actually stepping back and investigating the local neighborhood can often reveal lots of exciting surprises. Many cities have tourist trails and guided tours. Take one and really get to know what’s going on at home – there may be lots of undiscovered gems to find and love. 

Build a wildlife garden

This is a fun activity that can be done in the smallest outdoor space. It doesn’t need to be grand – something as simple as building and regularly filling a birdfeeder for daily birdwatching in the backyard. Along similar lines, try building a bee-house, so that bees can ‘nest’. Plant some flowers or shrubs that are pollinator friendly, and attract bees to the garden – a good tip is to look for flowers and plants that are purple, lilac, or yellow in color. Watering the plants, taking care of them, and watching the wildlife arrive can be a pleasing, relaxing experience.

Hold an outdoor movie night

If it’s too hot to sit in the cinema, bring the films to the backyard and hold an outdoor movie night. Choose a couple of classic films, or hold a movie theme night. Outdoor cinemas can be really simple to set up – just needing a projector and a solid wall to screen the film on. Other than that, snacks, cool drinks, and chairs are the perfect additions for an outdoor evening to remember with friends and family. 

Go fruit picking

There’s nothing more delightful than fresh, soft summer fruits – and there are plenty of farms and farmer’s markets that offer pick-your-own services. Armed with a punnet, the sky’s the limit. And there’s no end of delicious recipes to try with the results of an easy afternoon’s labor – whether it’s juicy strawberries, succulent raspberries or even apples and pears.


Have fun whether you go wild, relax in the backyard or create a little haven for wildlife. Summer’s for enjoying the fresh air, and good times and for making cherished memories with family and friends. 

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