5 Free Ecards Websites To Get Free Ecards

It is the digital era and we can see the changes that it has made in every sphere of life. Back in the day, people had to send greeting cards to their friends and relatives if they were supposed to host some event. In this day and age, Ecards are preferred far more than the normal greeting cards. With its help, you can send invitations to your friends and family through the internet. It saves you time as well as cost, there is no wastage of paper in the process as well. 

If you’re searching for websites that can provide you with free online Ecards, look no further. We are going to mention 5 names which can provide quality Ecards to you free of cost:- 

1. Ojolie 

One of the top websites which you can refer to to get Ecards is Ojolie. It was founded by a husband and wife and they have managed to create a platform that will provide quality and beautiful Ecards to its customers. The cards here are mostly hand-printed which makes them look so soothing. There are animated designs available too which have got a feminine touch to them at the same point in time. No matter if you need cards for birthdays or marriages, Ojolie is the platform that’s meant for you. 

2. Just Wink 

Just Wink is also known as American Greetings. This platform is going to provide you with versatile options as it has got cards for every occasion. The needs of the people are not the same from the Ecards. Suppose if two relatives are conducting marriages around the same point in time. In most cases, both of them will demand different styles of Ecards. Most of the platforms wouldn’t be able to provide you with many options but Just Wink can get the job done. It doesn’t matter if you need birthday cards or anniversary cards, you can have a wide variety of options in front of you free of cost. 

3. Punchbowl 

Contrary to the name that we mentioned above, Punchbowl comes with a limited set of designs. But the good part about these designs is that they are completely fresh. You wouldn’t see such Ecards anywhere else and the fact that you’re getting it for free is a cherry on the cake. You get options such as envelope liners, custom postage and rubber stamps. It helps you personalize your cards and make them look unique and stylish. So even if you get a limited design here, you can do so much more with it as long as you’re able to get your ideas straight. 

4. Open Me 

If you love to share free Ecards through Facebook and emails, Open Me is the most suitable platform for you. While most of the names in this list are inclined towards modern designs, Open Me takes the traditional route to appeal to the masses. If you want to personalize your photos and memories on the card in the traditional manner, Open Me is going to do an impeccable job. You get the chance to schedule your cards in advance. The feature of Group cards is second to none where several people can come together to make one card. So if you want to choose the traditional route to make Ecards, this is an apt platform. 

5. Ludo board 

Ludo board goes far in being one of the best Ecard options in front of you. It can provide wishes and messages via a group card. You can make amazing cards for a specific person and make them look extremely unique. You have a chance to attach photos, messages, videos and audio to the board. As you can imagine yourself, you can do a lot of things with the Cards here. It is most suitable to wish someone a happy birthday. You can come along with your friends and family to make a special card for someone’s special occasion. 

There’s no doubt that making Ecards is a lot of fun. But you must choose the right platform to make it. As long as you choose a website that is free and can deliver great Ecards to you, things cannot get any better. You can choose any of these websites and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the results! 

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