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5 Excellent US Universities to Learn and Understand Stock Markets

Stock market trading is an excellent career choice nowadays. As a stockbroker or a stock market investment expert, you’ll need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. If you’ve decided to pursue such education, you should know that this field is usually covered in the finance degree programs.

As a beginner, you’ll be acquainted with the basics of stock training. You can use various sources to obtain such education considering that there are plenty of universities that offer this as a major. Just like riding a bike, your efforts combined with some trial and error, will lead you to success in this field. 

The game of stock trading requires lifelong learning. You’ll have years to develop the skills you’ll obtain in school but first, you need to obtain your finance degree. Seeing how such degrees are available in many colleges, with many even offered as accelerated degree programs, the obvious best step forward is to choose one of the best schools for this subject. 

But first, let’s consider your studying options.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

As I mentioned previously, finance programs teach stock market trading as part of their curriculum. A bachelor’s degree program in finance will teach you a lot about investing. Most of the programs cover everything from portfolio management and capital budgets to stock trading. Even so, you should take a look at their curriculum, just to be sure. 

A Master’s Degree in Finance

There are two types of master degrees offered in finance. One comes in the form of finance, while the other one comes in the form of Master of Business Administration, otherwise referred to as MBA. Whichever you choose, the focus of the program will be on advancing the skills you’ve already obtained during your studying for the Bachelor’s degree. The curriculum, however, will be more focused toward what you want to study. You can choose to focus solely on stock trading at this point, while you’ll probably have to include a lot of your overall knowledge of finance in your dissertation project. 

Speaking of the dissertation, you’ll find that the Master’s programs in finance are far more demanding in terms of assignments and exams. If you have the task of “I need to write my essay now“, I recommend Essayontime, the leading writing service that I used in my university years. Be prepared for it – obtaining a Master’s degree is not simple and you’ll need all the help you can get. At Essayontime, a dedicated team of writers will do your essays and ensure high quality of work that comes with no English errors and no plagiarism issues. 

With that kind of assurance, you can focus on other important work that keeps coming as a part of the education process. After all, college is not just about writing endless assignments and feeling the heat almost every day. Outsourcing some of the academic work has its own benefits and you should not shy away from that. 

5 Amazing Schools with Stock Market Programs

With all this in mind, it is time to make a really important decision now – which school to enroll in. Locking a spot at one of the schools in this list will give you a great shot at joining the successful experts in the stock market trade. Here is what I believe to be the list of top 5 amazing schools with even more amazing stock market trading programs. 

1) Indiana University

The Kelley School of Business is by far one of the most popular branches of the Indiana University. By obtaining your degree here, you can pursue a job as an investment banker, trader, financial analyst, stock broker, and commercial real estate broker. 

2) Kansas State University

Kansas State University has an amazing finance program for all interested. They even have online financial planning program, all board certified. If you study here, either on campus or online, you are bound to receive quality education and great prospects for the future.

3) New England College of Business

The New England College of Business and Finance has amazing programs for those who want to join the stock trading market. They provide both graduate and undergraduate programs in finance. 

Stock Markets for Students

4) Penn State

Penn State is known for many things, including their extraordinary finance program. This program will prepare you to join the stock trading market, either with a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. 

5) Bryant University

Last but not least, the Bryant University is an excellent school to attend if you want to learn about finance. They have many majors offered to students, but their finance major is especially popular thanks to the quality education and numerous successful alumni. 


Finally, since you’re planning to work in stock market trading, you should know that all experts in this field are required to have a Series 7 license, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. You’ll probably have to take a prep course to get yourself ready to pass the test. Such courses can be found in many educational departments and institutions, as well as websites and private tutors. The course topics for the license include: tax regulations, municipal securities markets, primary and secondary securities markets, and margin requirements and computations. 

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