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5 European Tech Companies To Keep Your Eye On

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Europe has emerged as a significant player in the global technology scene, with many cutting-edge companies that have not only upended established industries but also established new benchmarks of technological excellence. 

The Old Continent has not merely followed in the footsteps of established tech giants but has boldly forged its path, birthing many pioneering companies that have disrupted traditional industries while simultaneously setting unparalleled standards for technological excellence. 

Examining Europe’s tech industry leaders

As we go deeper into this investigation of Europe’s tech sector pioneers, we’ll learn about innovative startups and storied corporations that are fueling Europe’s tech resurgence.

1. Solve.Care

Solve.Care is a dynamic global healthcare technology company revolutionizing how we manage healthcare. With a focus on patient-centric care, they are utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology to streamline complex processes and facilitate seamless communication among stakeholders.

The brainchild behind this transformation is Care.Platform, a pioneering healthcare management platform driven by blockchain. At the heart of it is $SOLVE, their native utility token for gas, fees, and payments on the platform.

Care.Platform is a foundation for Care.Networks – personalized healthcare dapps that unite participants for focused interaction. Breaking barriers between care, payment, and data, they’re creating a united front in healthcare delivery.

Solve.Care isn’t just transforming healthcare; they’re rewriting its future. Through innovation and blockchain, they’re building a world where efficient, patient-centred care is the new norm.


The APF DIGITAL AGRIFUND CR, in cooperation with MIA INVESTMENTS GROUP, aims to combine the benefits of digital assets with the help of real investments in agricultural land. 

The company belongs to the APF GROUP of companies, which invest in agricultural land within the Czech Republic. The company has been registered on the list of persons conducting asset management comparable to farming, according to § 15 (1) of the Investment Company and Investment Fund Act, maintained by the Czech National Bank following § 596 (e) of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act. 

Given the stable development of farmland prices in the country and market conditions, the team offers clients a more conservative investment in crypto assets. 

What makes your project unique? The team combines the benefits of digital assets with the help of real investments in the agricultural land history of your project.

3. CN Group

CN Group serves as a close partner to its clients, assisting them in the transformation of their business ideas into successful software solutions, products, and services. Their knowledge, experience, skills, and services extend well beyond the technologies they implement.

For years, CN Group has provided high-quality IT Software Development, Consulting Services, and Mechanical & Electrical Design Engineering to partners worldwide.

Beginning with an office and a small team of employees in Prague, CN Group has since expanded its presence. Today, they boast a team of IT experts across five centres, including Prague, Bratislava,  Zlín, Hradec Králové, and Bucharest.

The guiding principle that propels CN Group forward is Continuous Improvement and cross-domain knowledge sharing. They recognize the importance of continually enhancing their Business Experience across various industries and expanding their Technical Know-how.

4. Kingston

The company’s story began in 1987 when two engineers and friends, John Tu and David Sun, saw an opportunity in the technology space. During a severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips, they designed a new type of memory module that fulfilled a demand for memory.

What began as a garage start-up quickly grew into a technology powerhouse. While Kingston has long since outgrown that garage, the high standards of quality, reliability, and customer service remain.

Today, Kingston stands as a leading global manufacturer of memory and storage solutions. Their customers encompass businesses of all sizes, tech consumers, and a vast network of channel partners. 

The quality products and solutions they offer are backed by unwavering service and support – standards their customers have come to depend on. The resourcefulness and flexibility that initiated Kingston’s journey continue to drive their business today.

5. Startup House

The company started when Alex and Marek’s paths first crossed. Introduced by a friend, they embarked on a partnership grounded in shared values and complementary strengths.

Along the way, they encountered numerous roadblocks. This sparked a transformative shift in their perspective. They decided to become the solution they had been seeking. Pooling their expertise and shared vision, Alex and Marek founded Startup House. 

Startup House has exceeded all expectations over time. Guiding over 80 global projects, the company became the very technology partner they had once sought themselves. 

Furthermore, Startup House, born from real-life challenges, extends an open invitation. It beckons businesses of all sizes to experience a partnership that genuinely understands and aligns with their vision. 

Summing up

Europe’s tech industry is a thriving ecosystem home to various companies, from forward-thinking startups to established behemoths. It has rocketed to prominence owing to its dedication to cutting-edge research and development, socially conscious product design, and talent cultivation. Europe’s tech revolution is only starting, and the rest of the globe can’t wait to see what game-changing ideas come out of this exciting and forward-thinking continent in the coming years.

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