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5 Easier Ways to Accept Online Payments

In this era of online convenience customers of different businesses demand online payment for their products. So, many businesses are very eager to make this system permanent to come upon the services that their clients need. This is because post-covid there is a drastic change in online shopping and it has increased tremendously. 

Apart from that, any business that provides products in person has now come upon online payments as well.

5 Easier Ways to Accept Online Payments

 There are several easy ways to accept online payments even when you are a beginner in this field. 

  • Through Online Debit Cards and Credit Cards: 

The most common way that many website owners use is to accept payments through online Debit or Credit Cards. Most business owners select credit cards because it is free of hustle, however, others make a conscious choice of choosing Visa, master card, or American Card. It is always better to choose all of them. You should have a merchant account in this regard because as soon as the payment is done it enters into the merchant account for verification. 

  • Through Google Forms: 

Google forms are considered the preferable payment method when it comes to online business. Although google forms don’t provide a direct payment option, they can be used directly by adding Add-ons with Stripe. For this purpose, you need to have an account on Stripe. In case you have, you just need to attach it to the Google form, and you are done. Read a detailed guide on how to accept payment using a Google Form. Below are the 3 simple steps that can be used to integrate online payments through Google forms.

Step 1 – Install the Payable Forms Add-On

Head over to the Google Workspace Marketplace and Install the Payable Forms Google Form Add-On which makes payment possible.

Step 2 – Add money amounts to your answers

All you have to do is create a multiple choice, check box, or short answer question that contains a money amount in the correct format.

Step 3 – Connect a Payment Provider

Payable Forms will allow you to connect a PayPal, Square, Stripe, Razorpay, or Rapid account to facilitate the payment processing part behind the scenes. Each time you get paid in your form, money goes directly to this connected payment provider account.

  • ACH Payments: 

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payments are all that you need if you feel uncomfortable sharing your Debit/Credit card information online or if you can’t pay for that matter. ACH payments will allow its users to pay directly from their accounts to the business owners. The user will just have to add their paper check information to the ACH form. 

  • Mobile Payments which grow common: 

Mobile payments are growing more common day by day. Payments through Apple Play, Samsung Play, and Google Play have been in the market these days. When a user uses mobile payments their credit/debit card information is filled in automatically. Big e-commerce companies use this method for payments. 

  • Invoicing and Billing: 

Invoicing platforms allow users to have one-click payments. Other than that, invoicing platforms like QuickBooks, Xero and Zoho are there that provide the best billing services. You can check on the payments through e-mails and platform-build messages. You just have to check whatever methods suit your business the most; however, many people activate many options to give their clients the leverage to choose. 


To simplify online business and to make it convenient for many customers many business owners choose online payment methods because this is the future. As online shopping has grown grossly in the past two to three years. Many people get confused about what to choose when using online payments. Many options are safe and appropriate for almost any business. One can choose the most convenient way for online payment for their business. 



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