5 Crypto Projects Highly Recommended by Pros in 2022

5 Crypto Projects

One of the most unbelievable global phenomena is cryptocurrency. It is a digital equivalent of real money that has huge potential. If you invest in the right crypto fund, you will enrich your budget many a time. You only need to find the source of dependable information and thus invest in what is profitable for you.

Just visit Chainbroker to learn about the latest trends and changes in the world of crypto. It offers only updated and trustworthy facts. We have also used its help to create this review. It focuses on 5 promising crypto projects one should follow in 2022 if one wants to earn a lot of money.

Chain of Alliance

The first option is called Chain of Alliance. This is a game that provides gamers with battles of all kinds. You can face other players to define who is the best or fight the monsters. Select your heroes and develop their unique skills.

You can customize the arenas you battle in. You will be pleasantly impressed by a rich inventory and various tools. The game allows for owning your LAND, which can be developed to your liming and sold afterward. It offers everything a gamer needs. Make allowances for the benefits it offers:

  • Blockchain integration;
  • Interoperability and multiple partnerships;
  • In-game marketplace;
  • Decentralized governance and freedom of gatekeepers;
  • High staking and chances to earn a lot of money;
  • All the necessary NFT features;
  • Vivid heroes with unique skills;
  • An interactive interface, etc.


The second crypto project we would like to present is called Colexion. It helps to collaborate with the largest Asian marketplace and so it provides you with multiple opportunities to earn a lot of money. It is a unique project because it gives room for creativity. One can own special cards with celebrities to exchange and earn money, as well as win competitions. Here are its main dividends for users:

  • 1200+ NFTs;
  • 100+ celebrities;
  • 10+ countries;
  • The 1st digital museum;
  • Impressive diversity;
  • 100% authenticity;
  • A user-friendly interface;
  • Strong support of customers.

5 Crypto Projects

Legends of Elumia

You should also pay attention to the game called Legends of Elumia. It offers to earn money by playing and winning. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. You will enjoy the next benefits:

  • A vivid inventory;
  • Great equipment;
  • Various zones and locations;
  • Impressive graphics;
  • P2E mode, etc.


Another great crypto option is known as Blockpad. It is very perspective and allows for earning a lot of money. Its main advantages are:

  • Launchpad;
  • High staking;
  • Improved mining;
  • Great chances to earn money;
  • Full freedom of action;
  • 24/7 support and care.

Heroes of NFT

Finally, you can try Heroes of NFT. As you understand, it offers all the necessary NFT features. The main benefits of this project are:

  • Vivid in-game items;
  • Different gaming modes (PvP and P2E);
  • Extra customization of the gaming process;
  • Full decentralization;
  • All kinds of rewarding events and tournaments.

You can create your universe and live the life you want.

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