5 Crucial things to look for in help desk software

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Help desk software are becoming an important need for most of the small to medium size enterprises. It helps in managing tickets of the customers and organizing the information so that each of them can be saved for later date. Help desk software is the central place for all kinds of communication. It helps streamline all your conversations and manage tickets accordingly.

While selecting a help desk software, you might have many questions in mind. Out of those, below are the five best things you must consider while looking for one.

#1 It should be customizable and scalable

Different companies have different needs and settings in their technical environment. One single help desk solution cannot work for all. Hence, you need to be able to get a customized solution so that it can integrate well with your technical environment.

The settings you must consider include different factors like:

  1. What is the size of your customer base.
  2. What are the kinds of services you want to offer to your customers – email, phone, etc.
  3. How many users do you have in your staff.
  4. What is the level of personalization needed for each of them.

Your help desk software must be customized to suit the answers above. The level of complexity needed for each of your user segments should be well organized and allow you to select one according to your need. The software should be able to integrate with different platforms of communication and produce a central communication channel from where you can serve your customer with much ease and in an informed manner.

Another thing worth looking for in the software is the scalability aspect of it. If your business is growing, are you able to scale your business with much ease? Can the software accommodate more customers without harming the performance? While selecting the software, make sure you choose the one with which the scalability can be easily done.

#2 User friendly interface

Your staff might be using a help desk software the first time. Yet in their training they must have known the basic elements of what a help desk means. Hence, the software must have intuitive features so that your user can quickly adopt it and get on with their daily operations without the least hassle.

The user-friendly interface gives you access to the software through most understandable manner. The features must be organized well and there should be a proper categorization done. Customers should be able to find what they are looking for with much ease and quickly. The dashboard should give you the abstract information of all that you need in one instance.

#3 Multi-channel support

The help desk software should be able to send and receive information through multiple channels of communication. These channels may include different social media platforms, your phone lines, emails, chats, etc. This is a crucial part for providing better customer experience and loyalty.

Customers should have an option to contact you with whichever channel they can. Hence, while selecting the help desk software, choose the one that allows you this option.

#4 Enable first-contact resolution

It is often frustrating for customer when their call is transferred from one agent to another. The waiting time increases and the customer’s sentiments towards the brand get hurt. Hence, you must select the software that allows first-contact resolution which means it should have:

  1. Easy data gathering process from different sources
  2. A capability to cumulate all the data and provide meaningful insights based on which your staff can easily help the customer.
  3. Additionally, a handy knowledge base so that the staff agent can learn on the go while answering the customer.

First-contact resolution is crucial for providing an exceptional service to the customer.

#5 Comprehensive reporting

Finally, the help desk software should have a comprehensive reporting mechanism through which it can help you provide better service – both to your employers and to the customer. The reports you can generate must include various information that gives a clear picture of what you have been serving, whom you are serving and with what.

These insights are especially helpful for other departments of your business. Your company can use these insights for better-targeted marketing, and also in customer success. It should also allow your superiors to view the total efforts made in a month or so. This helps them manage resources more accurately.


Help desk software are easy and quick solutions for the people in need. It gives them access to the company through most preferred channel. Helping agents should be able to connect to the customers with much ease and provide the solutions they are looking for in a much useful manner.

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