5 Creative Tips To Market Your New Apartment For Lease

New Apartment

Marketing a new apartment for lease can be challenging but with the following five tips you will have the apartment leased in less time than you imagined.

Post images

Instagram and Pinterest are two wildly popular platforms for posting images of anything. Spend a day taking photos of the apartment as the sun moves through the unit. Edit photos to take advantage of the glow of natural light in various rooms. 

Crop pictures to magnify the unique characteristics of a room and post. Resident360 is a platform designed to promote apartments in the multifamily industry exclusively. 

Open house

Clearly, an in-person open house is an event of the past. Luckily, the real estate industry is more than able to prosper using all the elements of online marketing. 

Paid Facebook content is an easy way to promote an apartment for lease. One of the foremost reasons to market on Facebook is the ability to reach a targeted market. This type of advertising is measurable, relatively inexpensive, and allows you to engage with potential clients. Aside from simply renting one unit, Facebook can direct traffic to your blog, increase your SEO ranking and best of all, help you enter new markets. 

Before and after

When in the market for a new apartment, many people hesitate because it is difficult for them to imagine how an empty apartment will look with furniture in it, or how they will arrange their own furnishings. Use a virtual staging app to showcase an apartment’s best features. Also, people will check in on Redfin reviews or other platforms for reviews to know exactly what you’re getting. 

iStaging is an app that is compatible with smartphones and virtual reality cameras so you can create 360-degree virtual tours and then virtually stage the rooms. Using the same image twice, once empty, and once virtually staged, gives potential renters an indication of what their furniture might look like in your new apartment.

In our online world

According to Bill Gassett, “The premise of marketing is to sell. Potential clients must be sold on the idea of renting your apartment rather than your competitor’s. You have approximately eight to 12 seconds to capture someone’s attention in an online video or photo composition. 

One of the best ways to draw a client in is through entertainment. Present your apartment in a unique way. Use humor, a catchy slogan, or some other method of visual entertainment to draw clients to your website.” Think Billy Mays. You may not remember exactly what he was selling but his antics made you smile.

Your Website

Your website is possibly the most important tool you have in the real estate industry. Create a website that is visually stunning, has fresh information on a regular basis and is easy for potential clients to use. 

Update photos often and make your property description eloquent. Write about the amenities of the place, the neighborhood, schools, and transportation info. Present posts that have helpful hints about apartment living like “How to Hang Art in a Rented Apartment.” The information you give away will drive future traffic to your site.

Leasing an apartment is easy if you use all the tools available. Creative marketing will make the difference when potential clients are choosing a new home. 

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