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5 costly mistakes to avoid when filing a workers’ compensation claim

Last year, approximately 500,000 people suffered injuries while working in Australia. If you are one of them with a work-related injury, be certain to avoid these mistakes. Workplace injury cases can be costly and frustrating, especially if you have to stop working. Do not make it worse by making one of the below common mistakes. It would be a good idea to talk with an experienced attorney before taking action.

Take a look at the most common hindrances that affect people who are injured on the job.

Consider that several employees either have a physical or psychological injury in their jobs regardless of the environment where they toil – a warehouse or factory, a hospital or medical center, an office or bank, a mine, or a construction site. Your employer has a legal duty to provide a safe, secure workplace, albeit misconduct still occurs. Workers’ compensation insurance is in place to aid injured employees get the compensation they deserve.

Failure to report an injury could cost you your job

When you have properly made an application for injury workers’ compensation by informing your employer about it, The time limits on your liability for making this report vary per location in Australia and your state. Unless you sell the claim before the deadline passes, you may be excluded from the opportunity to receive payment.

Why Your Injury Report May Be Inaccurate

If you file a claim to your insurer stating that you were injured at work, you must state exactly what you injured and how it was sustained. If you provide incorrect or misleading information in your injury statement, your claim could be denied. Be as accurate and truthful in your injury statement as possible.

For example:

Don’t make assumptions about what your employer wishes to hear or about things you do not understand. Simply lay out the facts of your incident.

Don’t inflate your description of your accident’s severity – present the facts as precisely as possible, and do not overstate what happened.

Do not be overdramatic about the severity of your accident, and do not include an outcome if it is not yet confirmed. Be mindful that, before you have a medical evaluation, you could distort information about the extent of your condition. For instance, you might say you’ve got a severed limb if a doctor hasn’t verified it yet.

Your claim’s award may hinge on a trustworthy and verifiable work injury claim report. Have a lawyer inspect your report to make sure that you don’t make any of the common mistakes made during these types of legal proceedings.

Seeing the wrong doctor could be deadly

It is important that you are able to diagnose your injury appropriately by meeting with the most suitable doctor in your area. Some areas have a list of approved health professionals you can use for a medical examination. However, if you do not live in one of these regions, you can see your doctor and have them assess your injury.

In case you are unsure about the skills of your physician or the way they had worked out your condition just before, check with your injury lawyer about the option to request a second opinion. Your attorney will have a group of physicians they can refer you to.

What happens when you don’t take your doctor’s advice?

It is crucial to follow the instructions your medical professional gives you. Failing to do that will likely invalidate your claim. The exception is when recovering from injuries is denied due to lack of proper care by the treating medical professional. Your legal counsel can also assist you in finding solutions in cases where billing limitations are denying your treatment.

Going back to work sooner than I expected

When you’re awarded workers’ compensation benefits, the amount you receive might be insufficient to cover the expense of daily living. Expenditures on your home mortgage or rent, utility bills, and medical expenses may exceed the workers’ compensation benefits you receive. In such cases, think about returning to your career, which might require light duties, if the costs differ. If so, your costs may be higher than anticipated.


If your medical advice is to rest and recover, you should follow this advice. If your doctor says you are fully recovered and are ready to return to work or are capable of performing light duties, you should seek legal advice. The insurer may be trying to limit your compensation for damages rather than directing your attention to your needs. Your injury solicitors can advise you on your legal options.

Are you aware of your workers’ compensation benefits?

You may need good workers’ compensation lawyer in Brisbane, benefits that are briefly discussed if you do not know the many legal options open to you. By not understanding all of your legal options, you might trust that your employer’s insurer will handle your case fairly. This is not necessarily the case.

If your injury settlement application is approved, you could receive payment for lost wages, medical expenses, travel expenses related to your injury, a lump sum permanent impairment payment, and any further health expenses. Having an experienced workplace injury attorney in your corner can help you understand your rights and entitlements.

Don’t miss out on your TPD claim: 

If your work disability prevents you from being employed at your usual workplace (or one for which you are registered), you might qualify for a TPD claim. This is a claim against the TPD benefit sent to you by your Superannuation fund. Depending upon your TPD insurance policy, this claim might be substantial. Your injury doesn’t need to be job-related to qualify for this advantage.

Don’t understand common law claims?

In Australian law, workers’ compensation permits you to sue your work if you feel unable to return to a safe workplace. This is known as a good Brisbane worker’s compensation law firm claim. If you decide to proceed with a worker’s compensation case against your company, your WorkCover case will conclude. You may receive a lump sum payment if you have a permanent impairment. When pursuing the common claim, remember that common law cases should be reserved for only the most serious of applications.

The Pros and Cons of Negotiating a Settlement

Large law firms involved in the workers’ compensation arena are experts at pricing claims and settling disputes. Your insurer will have teams of lawyers who are trained to decrease both the appropriate amount and costs of your claim. The legal processes of filing your worker’s compensation claims are very intricate. Success or lack of it is dependent on the experience of the professional.

Lawsuit funding is a form of workers’ compensation financing that includes no-win-no-fee agreements and an initial evaluation of your injury. Ask your attorney to discuss their expertise in your particular situation and to explain how they can support your award-winning outcome.


In conclusion, if you are seeking injury compensation, be sure to avoid these nine costly mistakes. Work-related injuries can be expensive and frustrating, especially if you cannot work. So don’t make it harder on yourself by making these mistakes. Seek the help of a lawyer if you need to and get the compensation you deserve.

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