5 Cool Ways To Use Technology To Help Your House Sell Faster

5 Cool Ways To Use Technology To Help Your House Sell Faster

Ask any realty business, and they’ll tell you how much things have changed in the last decade or more. Aspiring home buyers used to drive down many streets looking for great locations and deals, but now they do most of their work online. Fortunately, you can also use technology to help sell your home.

1. Drone Photography

One great tech tool you can use to sell a home faster is an unmanned aerial system. These are commonly known as drones, and they let you take a bird’s eye view of a property from the air. Great interior and exterior photos are still the norm, but now you can add aerial photography that does wonders for larger properties or anything with distinct features that ground-based images can’t do proper justice.

2. Virtual Assistant

AI, or artificial intelligence, is all the rage right now. If you create a website for your home for sale, then you can add a virtual assistant to it that helps visitors learn more about the home. In fact, you might even program it to collect contact information from interested parties or schedule meetings and showings.

3. Augmented Reality

Watch nearly any home-flipping show on TV, and you’ll eventually hear that staged homes sell for more. However, you don’t have to rely on professional interior designers anymore. You can use augmented reality to visualize staging your home before you pick out art and furniture on your own. Change things up until you have the perfect look before you spend a dime or move anything physical into the home.

4. Electronic Documents

In more and more home sales, some or all of the documents are being viewed and even signed electronically. This might happen online via laptop or desktop, but phone and tablet app usage is also on the rise. Gone are the days of spending hours at a table working through pages and pages of documentation, as more sellers and buyers are simply clicking things on the phone and getting it done. Even when online document signing isn’t possible, timetables and checklists still help keep everyone on the same page and streamline the many steps of the selling process.

5. Virtual Reality

Pictures and slideshows of homes have been around for a long time, and videos have now been around for some time, too. However, not everything is two-dimensional anymore. Three-dimensional virtual reality lets prospective buyers view homes online with their own devices so they can picture themselves standing in or even walking around your home. These immersive visualizations provide high-resolution imagery that lets potential home buyers look around, up, and down without actually driving to the property itself.

Technology Means Efficiency

The biggest benefit you can get from technology when selling your home is just making the entire process more efficient. Selling any home is a long and complicated process, so anything that makes it easier is great to have at your disposal. Many of the technologies listed here shorten or even eliminate some of the steps that used to take much longer.

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